Australian Catholic University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

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Australian Catholic University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

Australian catholic university acceptance rate 2025 2026 undergraduate, Australian Catholic University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

After choosing the school of your dreams, the big question is: Will I Get admission into the school? However, it’s difficult to predict with accuracy by looking at the college’s admission rates. We’ll cover all the essential information concerning acceptance and admission rates for ACU in this guide. Acceptance rates are important while looking for a university.

The university assesses applications based on a variety of factors, including high school GPA, test scores, the quality of the essay, and more. Acceptance rates are a great choice for students who may not have received the highest overall grades or standardized test scores in high school.
High acceptance rates can make ideal safety institutions for those with excellent academic credentials.

Australian Catholic University’s acceptance rate for 2025-2026 is 67%. Every aspiring student should apply to the university before the due date in other to be considered by the institution.

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Australian Catholic University Undergraduate Entry Requirements 2025

They need the best from you to bring out the best in you. You must therefore meet the entry requirements to enroll in an undergraduate program with them.

View the entry requirements, investigate entry scores, and learn about the prerequisites and selection ranks.

Australian Catholic University Entry scores and ranks 2025

A selection rank is given to you based on an entry score, which is a number value between 1 and 99. Then, based on this ranking, they will decide whether or not to extend an offer to your preferred course. It may also go by the name of an eligibility score.

If you meet one of the requirements or have the following experience, a selection rating will be given to you:

  • recent secondary education in Australia (ATAR / OP / Rank score)
  • Recent Secondary Education in New Zealand (NCEA)
  • recent secondary education overseas (International Baccalaureate)
  • previous higher education study
  • vocational education or training
  • special admissions test scores (subject to age restrictions)
  • paid work experience.

If you have more than one of the aforementioned credentials or experiences, they will often give the most weight to the highest one.

Once your selection rank has been determined, it will compete with other people’s ranks according to merit.

Australian Catholic University Subject prerequisites 

You may need to have prior knowledge of one or more subjects for some courses. These are referred to as prescribed study, assumed knowledge, or subject prerequisites.

Subject prerequisites are typically the subjects that you must have satisfactorily completed in your last years of high school (Year 12 or similar).

Visit the page for the relevant course to learn more about the subject requirements for your selected course.

Australian Catholic University Course-specific Requirements 2025

Some courses ask for additional documents or information in addition to your application. These are referred to as course-specific prerequisites.

Examples can include:

  • attending an audition
  • attending an interview
  • submitting a portfolio
  • providing a written statement

ACU English language proficiency

You might be asked to provide proof of your English language ability if:

You did not complete Year 12 or higher coursework in English in a recognized English-speaking country because English is not your first language.

You can demonstrate your English competence by giving them documentation of your prior coursework or credentials or by receiving a specific score on a pertinent English language exam.

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How to Undergraduate Students 2025

You should be aware that this information is only for domestic undergraduate applicants.

1. Choose your course

Browse the list of undergraduate courses to choose the program that’s best for you. Browse by study area, subject, or course type.

2. Check eligibility and closing dates

Once you’ve decided on a course, it’s critical to assess your application style and determine whether you match the prerequisites. If you just graduated from school, you can also find out more about the admissions processes and ATAR adjustment factors.

3. Browse scholarships and entry schemes

Please take a moment to check to see if you qualify to apply for any of these scholarships. You are welcome to apply for as many of the almost 400 scholarships they provide each year as you desire.

4. Gather your documents

To start your application, you’ll need the following things and supporting documents:

  • Personal email address: Use the email address that you use to check the most. Avoid using your school email because you can lose access soon after the last lesson.
  • High school results: Details about your Year 11 and Year 12 school grades as well as your Tertiary Entrance Statement will need to be provided.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV): A copy of your most recent CV must be submitted along with your online application if you need to demonstrate job experience to enroll in your selected course.
  • Proof of name change: If your credentials or transcripts are listed under a different name, you must present documentation of the name change (eg, a marriage certificate).

5. Apply

A state’s Tertiary Admissions Center is where the majority of undergraduate course applications are filed (TAC). Each state’s TAC runs a centralized application system, offering potential students guidance and support.

On the applicable TAC website, you can apply for admission to your desired undergraduate program and campus:

  • Visit the Universities Admission Center to learn more about the courses offered at our campuses in Canberra, North Sydney, and Strathfield (UAC)
  • Visit the Queensland Tertiary Admission Center to learn more about the courses they offer at their campus in Brisbane (QTAC)
  • Visit the Victorian Tertiary Admission Center to learn more about the programs offered at their campuses in Ballarat and Melbourne (VTAC)


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