List of Universities in UK

List of Universities in the United Kingdom (UK) and their Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year

List of Universities in UK and their Rankings in 2023-2024

The United Kingdom, UK is the ultimately chosen study country for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters & Doctoral degrees for domestic and international students of its quality education and academic standards. In case you want to study in the UK for the 2023-2024 Academic year, then you’ve got yourself in the right page. The 2023 January intake is the perfect choice for both citizens and international applicants who want to take advantage of pre-university preparations or need more time for monetary reasons or VISA arrangements (international students). Now, let’s dig into this winter intake for 2023 elaborately.

The January 2023 Intake in the UK

The January/winter intake serves as a second option to start higher studies in the UK. In the UK, few UK universities offer courses for the January intake. If you want to study or enrol in a UK university through this intake, you must know the application period. If you are going to study for January 2023 intake in the UK, you have to begin your arrangement in 2022.

Most universities in the United Kingdom have a January intake for their undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This means that students can begin their studies in January, rather than September.

The January intake is often referred to as the “mid-year” or “spring” intake, and it is typically intended for students who may have missed the September deadline, are unable to start their studies in the fall due to personal or professional commitments, or who wish to take a gap year before beginning their studies.

The application process for January intake programs is typically the same as for September intake programs, but the deadline for applications is usually earlier. The application deadline is usually in the fall, a few months before the start of the program. It’s always good to check the specific University website or with the Admissions Office to find out when the application deadline is.

It is also important to note that the availability of certain programs for January intake may vary and not all universities offer the January intake options.

Keep in mind that the January intake may be more competitive and have more limited options than the September intake, so if you’re looking to apply, it’s a good idea to start your research and applications early.

Therefore, the application dates and deadline for the 2023 winter intake are listed below

  • Research and shortlisted University: From April to June
  • Prepare and take the standardized English language test according to the requirement of your desired university from June to September.
  • Application forms must be submitted to the preferred University along with the required documents from September to November
  • You will receive an email from the University of choice from October to December after submitting an online application and you must respond to that message
  • The next step is to make your bank statement and scholarships ready and proceed to complete the application process between December and January.


  • When Should I Apply for January 2023 intake in the UK?

Applications for January 2023 intake open on 6 September 2022 and all 2023-2024 entry UCAS Undergraduate courses, except those with a 15 October deadline, close on 25 January 2023 (18:00 UK time)

  • When should I Start Applying for Fall 2023 UK?

Applications for Fall 2023 mostly start on 1 August. Application deadlines for 2023 are between November and February.

Below is the list of the Universities in the United Kingdom (UK) that Open Applications for 2023 and 2024 respectively