Deakin University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

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Deakin University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

Deakin University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026; Deakin University Acceptance Rate 2025 2026 undergraduate

The institutions with the highest acceptance rates—that is, the universities that accept students from all over the world—are the simplest to get into. The percentage of candidates who are accepted to a specific university is known as the acceptance rate, to put it simply. Typically, universities with a high acceptance rate have straightforward entry standards.

Continue reading to learn more about Deakin University, which offers easy enrolment and acceptance rates for international students. It is necessary for those who want to study at Deakin University to present all of their documentation and their best exam results. Additionally, submitting additional documents is what distinguishes the application and opens the door to a favourable admission decision with an acceptance rate!

It is crucial for students who don’t perform well on standardized tests to opt for top universities with high acceptance rates. Top Universities with high acceptance rates are those that accept almost all applicants, whether they are domestic or foreign. The acceptance rate at Deakin University for 2025-2026 is 75%.

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Deakin University Academic Entry Requirements 2025

Based on your prior secondary school and university performance, there are specific academic entry criteria for each Deakin University degree and study area. Don’t worry if your school or academic accomplishments aren’t mentioned. Your application can still be evaluated by Deakin.
Your academic performance as well as other accomplishments, such as work experience, may be taken into account by the admissions staff.

Undergraduate course academic requirements

On this page, you can learn admittance requirements unique to the nation where you previously attended college. Download the International undergraduate entry criteria (PDF, 6.8MB) for additional details. Admission requirements for courses taken at various Deakin campuses may vary.

Postgraduate course academic requirements

Entry requirements vary depending on the subject and area of study; precise information can be found on the course website for your preferred degree. The following lists general admission requirements per type of qualification.
For further details, you may also download the International UG and PG Course Guide (PDF, 17MB).

Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diplomas

You must have either one of the following:

  • a three-year undergraduate degree from an accredited university or other educational institution, or its equivalent
  • via examination or related professional or industrial experience, comparable qualifications.

Application process: Australian students

You can apply directly to Deakin College if:

You are submitting an application for an October or June starting Deakin College program.


You are not currently enrolled in the typical Australian Year 12 curriculum, but you are applying to a Deakin College course that begins in March.


For the March intake, the VTAC Change of Preference rounds has ended.

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The application process for international students

Step 1: Choose your dream degree

The first step is deciding which degree and campus are best for you to pursue. Browse our study areas with Deakin’s Find a Course tool, or use the convenient search options to locate the degree of your dreams.

Step 2: Gather supporting documents

It is important to include all specified supporting paperwork when applying to Deakin; otherwise, your application may be rejected or delayed. Remember that before you upload most documents, they must first be authenticated, so give yourself plenty of time to organize.

Examples of certified copies you will need to include:

  • award certificates
  • academic transcripts
  • formal identity papers (e.g. your passport).

Step 3: Submit your application

Either directly through Deakin’s online application portal or through a Deakin authorized agent, you can submit an application.

Postgraduate applications

How to apply steps

  • Find your course
  • Check entry requirements
  • Check application key dates
  • Check what supporting documentation you’ll need
  • Apply for Trimesters 1, 2, and 3 directly to Deakin

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