Université de Saint-Boniface Application 2025-2026

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Université de Saint-Boniface Application 2025-2026

Université de Saint-Boniface Application 2025-2026; Université saint-boniface calendrier


Université saint-boniface calendrier

Would you like to attend Université de Saint-Boniface for the 2025–2026 academic year? Applying for admission is the first step. Complete and submit the online admissions application form. Send the necessary paperwork and (non-refundable) admission costs as soon as your application has been submitted to the Registrar’s Office at the address listed below before the deadlines. The application and document due dates change based on the program.

Your application for admission will only receive an email response from the University of Saint-Boniface. When completing the admission application, make sure to input your email address accurately to guarantee that you receive their response. Make sure to submit all of your application’s necessary materials—including the admissions fees—before the deadline. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to review or follow up on your application for the requested semester if your document is incomplete after this date.

The processing of your application won’t begin until the entrance costs are paid. You should be aware that these costs are not refundable. Before registering, all new USB students are required to complete the Profil Linguistique Placement Test. You can find the first-year French course that best suits your needs by completing an online grammar challenge provided by this. Université de Saint-Boniface Application 2025-2026

Université de Saint-Boniface Documents

Your official transcript with grades and certificates attesting to complete completion for each program must be sent to USB. Original documents from North American institutions are required. If you are unable to obtain additional original copies, they advise that documents from institutions outside of North America be certified copies of the original documents instead, as they won’t be returned to you (except French or English standardized test results, which must be originals).

These papers must be sent or delivered in person or by mail. Scanned copies of documents sent through email will not be accepted. Depending on the requirements for admission to each program, you might need to provide extra documentation (standardized language test results, cover letter, professional profile, etc.).

Please familiarise yourself with the program’s entrance requirements to make sure you submit all necessary paperwork. They advise you to frequently check the icon lien Externestatus of your application page since it will constantly show the most up-to-date details about your submitted application for admission.

USB General Admission Requirements

Depending on where you are from, there are different general admission criteria. While it is necessary to meet these minimum standards to be eligible, entrance is not guaranteed. You must also fulfill the prerequisites for admission to the program of your choice. For information on each program’s admission requirements, please refer to the academic calendar. Université saint-boniface calendrier

English Proficiency

English language proficiency is a requirement for admission to some programs, including the Health Care Aide Certificate, Early Childhood Education Diploma, Practical Nursing Diploma, Bachelor of Nursing, and Bachelor of Social Work. In these circumstances, USB will demand the results of a standardized English test to evaluate your eligibility for the program of your choice if you have not earned a grade in English comparable to English 40S or English 42U in a Manitoban high school.

See results for each of the following: Please be aware that they only accept original documents that are less than two years old and show the results of the standardized English test. Documents that have been photocopied or scanned won’t be accepted.

Students from Manitoba

A high school diploma from Manitoba must have had at least 5 credits at the S, G, or U levels in grade 12.

Students from Other Canadian Provinces
All students must meet the general admission requirements and the requirements specific to their chosen program. USB will accept the following as equivalent to Manitoba Grade 12:

  • Alberta: secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • British Columbia: secondary school diploma with at least 4 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • Prince Edward Island: secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • New Brunswick: secondary school diploma with at least 6 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • Nova Scotia: secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • Nunavut: secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • Ontario: secondary school diploma with at least 6 U or M courses at the Grade 12 level
  • Quebec: completion of 1st year CEGEP with a minimum average of 65%
  • Saskatchewan: secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: secondary school diploma with at least 10 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • Northwest Territories: secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level
  • Yukon: secondary school diploma with at least 4 courses at the Grade 12 level

How To Apply to Université de Saint-BonifaceCanadians and Permanent Residents

Whether you want to apply for admission to a graduate school or an undergraduate one, the admissions procedure varies. Refer to the Master of Education and the Master of Arts in Canadian Studies programs for details on admission to graduate programs.
Refer to the procedure below for all other programs. Université saint-boniface calendrier

1. Choose Your Program

From the selection of programs, select one that appeals to you. Before submitting your admission application, make sure you are aware of the requirements. For information on the available programs, including admission and registration criteria as well as any additional guidelines or specifications unique to each program, check the Academic Calendar.

2. Check the Deadlines

Check the deadlines for the programs offered.

3. Determine Your Status

You will need to choose your student status when filling out your online application for admission.

Regular Student: A regular student is someone who belongs to one of the three following categories: 1. Admitted based on general and special qualifications. 2. Registered again after a break of five years or less for a university program. 3. Coming from another institution and being qualified to transfer credits to Université de Saint-Boniface to earn an undergraduate degree

Mature Student: A mature student meets each of the following requirements: 3. Is at least 21 years old (before September 30 for admission to the entire academic year, before January 31 for admission to the winter term, and before May 1 for admission to the intersession); 4. Is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; 5. Is registering to be accepted into a program as a regular student after having completed 24 credits; and 6. Does not have a high school diploma.

4. Fill Out Your Application

See the Admission Application page.

5. Submit Your Documents

Please be mindful of the due dates for sending the supporting documentation with your admissions application. They regrettably won’t be able to evaluate your file and follow up with your application for the requested semester if they don’t get the necessary paperwork for your file—including the nonrefundable entrance costs—before the deadline. Université saint-boniface calendrier

When submitting your application for admission, you must include an authentic transcript for every course you have taken while attending another university or postsecondary educational institution. You will need to provide them with your official transcript as soon as your final grades are available if your studies are still ongoing. Students cannot apply to the Université de Saint-Boniface if they are on academic probation or suspension at another higher institution.

Before the deadlines, send the necessary paperwork and (non-refundable) entrance fees to the Registrar’s Office at the address listed below.
Depending on the program, different documents must be submitted on different dates.


Université de Saint-Boniface
200, avenue de la Cathédrale
Winnipeg (Manitoba) CANADA R2H 0H7


Contact details

The team at Université de Saint-Boniface will be happy to answer all your questions.

Université de Saint-Boniface
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Winnipeg, MB R2H 0H7

Phone (directory): 204-237-1818
Phone (reception): 204‑233-0210
Toll-free in Canada and USA: 1‑888‑233‑5112
Fax: 204‑237‑3240
Email: info@ustboniface.ca