University of Divinity Application 2023-2024

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University of Divinity Application 2023-2024

University of Divinity Application 2023-2024; University of divinity masters

University of Divinity Application 2023-2024

University of Divinity Application 2023-2024/ University of divinity masters

You must apply for admission to the program of study if you’re a new student or wish to start a new course at the University of Divinity. We will discuss University of Divinity admissions in this part. You must follow the instructions on these pages in order to apply to the University of Divinity: You must schedule a meeting with a course advisor at the college and complete the necessary paperwork after choosing a course and a home institution.

The purpose of course advisers is to make your time as a student pleasurable and to ensure that the course you have chosen will fit your requirements and academic objectives. They will assist you in choosing the right units to start your course of study. You can apply at any moment for admission to a higher degree by research. Once you have fulfilled all admissions requirements, kindly submit your application to the School of Graduate Research Office. University of divinity masters

Use the forms on this page to keep track of your enrolment, fees, and personal information. The College must receive all forms before they may be approved. Each year, overseas students can start their studies in either the first or second semester. The application deadlines are 15 April and 15 November.


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Admission and enrolment closing dates/ university of divinity fees

Domestic Coursework Students

2023-2024 study application closing dates:

  • To commence in Semester 1, apply by Friday 17 February
  • To commence in Semester 2, apply by Friday 21 July

Overseas Coursework Students

2023 study application closing dates (overseas student visa holders):

  • To commence in Semester 1 (2023), apply by 15 November (2023)
  • To commence in Semester 2 (2023), apply by 15 April (2023)


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Required documentation for application/ university of divinity fees

Documents must be presented in original form or certified copies.
If scanned and email copies are sent initially, certified copies must come next, or you must show your college the original documents.
“Certified” refers to a signed declaration that the original has been seen by an authorized person (including principals, police officers, chemists, and CPAs as well as registrars, deans, course advisors, research coordinators, and academic records personnel in your home College).


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Apply for Admission to a Research Degree/ university of divinity fees

  •  Select a course
  •  Check admission criteria
  •  Select a College
  •  Attend an interview
  • Prepare a research proposal
  •  Complete and submit the form(s)


How to apply for admission (coursework)/ university of divinity fees

Step 1: Select a course

From certificates to doctorates, the University provides a broad range of degrees. The best course of study will be determined in part by your goals and in part by your prior academic experience.

Step 2: Check admission criteria

Each course of study’s entry requirements is listed in the Regulation and related Determination that govern that award. Verify that you meet the prerequisites for your chosen course by visiting the page for that course.

Step 3: Select a College

They are a university for college students. This indicates that each student attends the University through a different College. Your major learning environment is the College, which will offer you support services and course counseling throughout your academic career.
These colleges offer instruction in a variety of Christian locations and traditions.
Each College provides a varied selection of the University’s courses, so your decision on a College may be influenced by your personal religious beliefs, where you reside, or the course you want to study.

Step 4: Attend an interview

All applicants must appear for an academic adviser interview as part of the college admissions process. For applicants seeking a higher degree via research, this will be a Research Coordinator and a Course Advisor, respectively.
The interview could take place over the phone, over email, or another comparable channel.

The interview’s goals are to assist you in making the best course choice, confirm that you meet the admissions requirements, and help you develop a study plan that is suitable for both your course and your needs.

Step 5: Complete and submit the form(s)

If you are applying for admission to a new course or are a new student at the university, download and complete the appropriate admission form. Fill out the form completely and carefully as directed.

Before the applicable closing date, you must deliver the filled-out form(s) to your College along with the necessary supporting documentation (originals or certified copies, as applicable).

Step 6: Pay tuition fees

DOMESTIC STUDENTS/ university of divinity fees

The application form must be submitted with payment for tuition. Australian residents have three payment options:

  • FEE-HELP: This is a program for student loans where the Commonwealth Government covers the cost of tuition for the borrower. If and when the student’s income climbs above a required repayment threshold, the fees are repaid through taxation.
  • Students can pay beforehand using BPAY, a credit card, or a check (payable to the University of Divinity)
  • Sponsorship: Students whose tuition is being paid for by a third party are required to submit a letter on business letterhead from the sponsor acknowledging responsibility for the expenses.


  • The same fees apply to domestic and international students. The application fee for international applicants is $300 AUD.
  • The application form must be followed for the payment of tuition fees. Western Union Business Solutions offers the ability to receive payments from abroad.

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Contact details

Office of the Vice-Chancellor
90 Albion Road
Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia

Tel: +61 3 9853 3177

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