US Fulbright Scholarships 2025-2026

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US Fulbright Scholarships 2025-2026

US Fulbright Scholarships 2025-2026

The US Fulbright Scholarships Application for the 2025-2026 Academic year will be open in April 2025. Therefore, all those who want to apply for a free Fully Funded US Fulbright Scholarships 2025-26 must visit and submit a free online application before the closing date or deadline.

Also, all international students seeking to apply for free fully funded Scholarships 2025-2026 academic cycle must take this opportunity to prepare for all required applications for admission documents.

US Fulbright Scholarships Date 2025-2026


2025-2026 Award Cycle

Application: Open APPLY NOW

Get started by watching program tutorials

National Deadline: Tuesday, October 8th by 5 pm Eastern Time

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Steps To Apply US Fulbright Scholarships 2025-2026

To Apply for this scholarship, follow the steps below

  1. Go to the US Fulbright Scholarships application 2025 website at
  2. Point your cursor on “Applicants”
  3. Click on the “Types of Awards” links to see the available scholarships
  4. Read about the scholarship you wish to apply
  5. Then, point the cursor on the “Applicants” tab again
  6. Click on the “Fulbright Online Application” link to start the application process
  7. Make sure you have all the required documents
  8. Complete and submit your application for review

US Fulbright Requirement 2025-2026 

CV/Resume – required for all applicants

All applications require a curriculum vitae or resume. It should be organized and tailored to the award to which you are applying and the proposed project. Do not include hyperlinks or direct reviewers to external websites. Content to be considered in the application review must be contained within the application itself.

  • Format Requirements:
  • Up to 6 pages. For Distinguished Scholar awards: up to 8 pages.
  • Single-spaced, 12-point 1-inch margins.
  • Use headers and/or bullets to organize and convey key elements, and page numbers.
  • File type: Adobe PDF (recommended) or Word document.

Note: If any non-English characters, images, tables, equations, etc. are used, you must upload your document as an Adobe PDF.

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