USC Academic Calendar Summer 2025-2026

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The University of Southern California (USC) Academic Calendar Summer 2025-2026

USC Academic Calendar Summer 2025-2026


USC Summer Semester 2025 has 57 instructional days. Below are other critical dates and deadlines on the USC academic calendar for the Summer semester of 2025-2026 as well as the Daily Schedule & Activities.

  1. USC Summer 2025 registration begins on, 15 May 2025 to, 16 May 2025.
  2. USC Summer Classes 2025 start on, 17 May 2025. The first 6-week session begins.
  3. Memorial Day holiday is 29 May 2025.
  4. The Juneteenth holiday is 19 June 2025.
  5. The Independence Day holiday is from, 3 July 2025 to, 4 July 2025.
  6. USC Summer classes end on, 8 August 2025.

Summer Session 2025

There are 57 instructional days in the University of Southern California (USC) Academic Calendar for the Summer Semester Session 2025. It also has a Daily Schedule & Activities. Students can enjoy a variety of recreational activities offered in the evenings, created and supervised by the residential staff

Below are the important dates and deadlines.

  1. USC Summer Semester Registration start on, 13 May 2025 – 14 May 2025
  2. USC Summer Classes begin on, 15 May 2025
  3. Memorial Day, USC University Holiday is 27 May 2025
  4. Juneteenth, USC University Holiday is Wednesday, 19 June 2025
  5. USC University Holiday for Independence Day is, 4 July 2025
  6. USC Summer Classes for 2024 ends, 7 August 2025

PLEASE NOTE: Registration in the summer session does not ensure the privilege of registering in the fall semester. Entering students who will register for fall must either enroll formally in the university or obtain permission from the Office of Admission.

USC Registration Dates for 2024 Summer Semester

Registration for Summer begins Monday, 13 May 2025

Change of Schedule

Students may change their summer schedule via Web Registration. Schedule changes can be made according to the established deadlines on the Schedule of Classes for the respective course and session. For specific deadline dates, visit the Classes Offered section on this site and click on the calendar icon next to the course(s).


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