Australian National University Application 2023-2024

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Australian National University Application 2023-2024

Australian National University Application 2023-2024; Anu apply

Australian National University Application 2023-2024; anu apply

Anu apply

The Australian National University encourages prospective students who wish to enroll there in 2024–2025 to submit their applications as soon as possible for the best chance of admission. On this site, you can find out everything you need to know about the steps, documentation, and requirements for applying to the Australian National University.

Excellent options exist at the Australian National University for prospective overseas students to visit and begin the application process in order to achieve a successful degree and career. Both domestic and international students may submit applications as long as they match the requirements. Depending on the course and program subject at ANU, different deadlines apply.

To find out the precise deadlines, all applicants are advised to visit the university’s website. There are two semesters (1st and 2) of student intake per year. Applications for semesters 1 and 2 must be submitted by November 16 for semester 1 and April 30 for semester 2. Please confirm that you may apply in this manner. Before beginning your application, we advise you to read the application guidelines.

Through this method, ANU will gather your private data, which they may use to advance your application. The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) has been enlisted by ANU to assist in processing your application. You might hear from UAC or ANU regarding your application.

Australian National University Application 2023-2024


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Applying to ANU – Application details

Decided to submit a direct application to ANU? Here is some additional information that you should be aware of.

  • Accommodation guaranteed
  • Adjustment factors
  • Change of Preference
  • Co-curricular or service requirement
  • Receiving an early offer
  • Scholarships
  • Supporting your transition to ANU

Supporting documentation

You will be asked to submit particular paperwork as part of your direct application to ANU. Ensure that you are ready.

Gather the following documentation:

  • Official ID (birth certificate, citizenship documents, passport)
  • Details of your senior secondary studies and current qualifications
  • Documents supporting your co-curricular or service activities
  • Documents supporting your eligibility for the National Access Scheme (academic, equity, and elite athlete adjustment factors)
  • Additional documentation may be required depending on your circumstance, we’ll let you know if anything else is required during your application.
  • Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) Entry Scheme

Each document can be uploaded individually during the application process. In order to add them before the application deadline, you can also save your application and log back in.


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Documentation requirements needed to apply at ANU

You must be ready to submit specified documentation when you apply to ANU so that we can evaluate your application.

  •  Evidence showing you have complied with the University’s English language requirements at the very minimum.
  • Your academic record, along with a grading system.
  • You must provide an academic transcript proving your secondary education completion if you’re applying to an undergraduate program.
  • You must provide your most current academic transcript if you’re applying for a postgraduate program.
  • Any further paperwork is needed for your chosen program. You may also need to submit documentation of any relevant job experience for some ANU programs. On Programs and Courses, you may see if your chosen program has any additional requirements.
  • For admission to a postgraduate program based on professional experience, you must submit the following materials:
  • A curriculum vitae that explicitly outlines all of the full- and part-time professional experience periods;
  • The names and phone numbers of two references who can attest to your experience;
  • A declaration addressing the pertinent program learning objectives as listed in the Policy Recognition of Prior Learning and Outside Experience;
  • A declaration from the employer attesting to relevant experience, alternative documentation attesting to professional experience, or an explanation as to why such a declaration is not possible.
  • For the admissions evaluation, the University may ask for more information and supporting documentation.
  • When applying, you can opt to present formal identification (birth certificate, citizenship documents, passport). If your application is accepted and you are given a spot at ANU, an official ID will be needed.

There must be no alterations made to documents. They must be color-scanned, and scaling is not permitted.


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How to apply – domestic undergraduate

Direct applications are easy to submit to ANU. Take the procedures listed below to make sure you are prepared to apply.

Step 1: Check you’re eligible to submit a direct application to ANU

  • Your studies for Australian Year 12 (with an ATAR) or an International Baccalaureate Diploma will be completed in November depending on whether you completed Australian Year 11 or International Baccalaureate Year 11.
  • You will be submitting an application for a 2024-starting undergraduate program.
  • You are a domestic student, this includes:
  • Australian citizens;
  • New Zealand citizens;
  • Holders of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa; and
  • Permanent residents of Australia.

Step 2: Consider which ANU programs are best for you 

  • To select a program that best matches your interests, view the Programs and Courses section.
  • You can view additional entry requirements that are necessary as part of your application, such as the minimum selection rank, prerequisites, study alternatives, and any other needs.

Step 3: Check that you meet the co-curricular or service requirement 

  • Your knowledge gained outside of the classroom is taken into account by the co-curricular or service requirement and is acknowledged in your ANU application.
  • You must present proof of your activities from the previous two years, such as transcripts from school or awards for volunteer work. You can look at examples of the kinds of documentation we accept or get guidance from our template for supporting documentation.

Step 4: Elect to be considered for a scholarship

  • By selecting “yes” when requested, you can request consideration for a wide range of ANU scholarships during the application process.

Step 5: Explore your accommodation options 

  • Your application includes a guarantee of on-campus housing. They will try their best to place you in your selected Residence or College, and you can pick between a catered, Flexi-catered, or self-catered experience.
  • Check out your lodging choices so you may choose which Residence to list on your application.
  • By enrolling in a non-residential hall once you get to ANU, you can still fully experience campus life even if you don’t intend to live there.

Step 6: Prepare your supporting documentation

As part of your application, you must submit supporting paperwork, such as:

  • official ID (birth certificate, citizenship documents, passport)
  • details of your senior secondary studies and current qualifications
  • documents supporting your co-curricular or service activities
  • documents supporting your eligibility for the ANU Adjustment Factors (academic, equity, and elite athlete adjustment factors)

Step 7:  Apply!

You can submit or edit your application through our direct applications portal when it is open.


Contact details

1800 620 032 (within Australia)
+61 2 6125 7257 (outside Australia)

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