Milpark Business School Online Application 2024-2025

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Milpark Business School Online Application 2024-2025

Milpark Business School Online Application 2024-2025

Milpark Business School Online Application 2024-2025


The Milpark Business School has provided a website where applicants can submit their applications. The application procedure can be started by candidates who want to attend the Milpark Business School. This article will discuss how to apply online at the school as well as the opening and closing dates of the online application for the Milpark Business School.

For admission to the institution’s numerous programs, the Milpark Business School’s online application for 2024-2025 has been available. Below is a link to the Milpark Business School online application form. On this website, information regarding the Milpark Business School Online Application 2024-2025 portals, including online registration, application dates, and the Milpark Business School application form, has been made available.

We’ll also talk about Milpark Business School’s online application fees, necessary documents, etc. Prospective applicants who want to study at the institution can submit their applications now. Both applicants with undergraduate degrees and those seeking advanced degrees may apply to the school. Based on need and academic achievement, Milpark Education awards a number of bursaries to students each year.

One method to aid the industry in attaining South Africa’s transformation objectives and support its students at the same time is through bursaries. Therefore, Candidates who meet the institution’s application requirements are advised to apply before the closing date.


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Facts You Should Know Before Applying

Thank you for visiting the Milpark Business School online application system. Only online applications are accepted by Milpark Business School. There is no cost associated with the service. Make sure you have the following information available to save time and money:

  • Personal details
  • Address of next of kin
  • Address of the person responsible for the account
  • Email addresses are compulsory
  • All documents must be saved as soft copies for uploading.
  • Choosing your course of study before beginning the online application process is important.
  • You should also be aware of whether you meet the minimal standards for admission for the options you are considering.


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Academic selection criteria must be met in order to be admitted to the qualification. The candidate must:

  • Have a postgraduate diploma that has been accredited, an honors degree, a four-year bachelor’s degree (that exits at Level 8), or something equivalent.
  • Must be at least 25 years old.
  • Attain a passing grade on either the Milpark or NMAT tests.
  • have three to four years minimum of related job experience.
  • be able to speak English well. (International students may be asked to provide proof of competency.)
  • possess computer and Internet savvy.
  • compose a one-page essay outlining why you should be admitted to the MBA program.
  • the candidate should appear for a meeting with the program manager.
  • Use the Milpark Business School CV template to submit your resume. (The admission application’s online template is accessible.)


Admission to the qualification may also occur through Recognition of Prior Learning in extremely rare circumstances (RPL). By including the following information with their application, candidates for this category must prove they have adequate professional experience:

  • A condensed curriculum vitae
  • A biographical essay

In addition, the applicant must:

  • submit himself/herself for a challenge exam if the Panel believes it is necessary (on the merits of past work experience).
  • Must be 40 years old or older.
  • have 15-20 years of relevant work experience.
  • be an executive or senior management role.
  • attain a passing grade on either the Milpark or NMAT tests.
  • compose a one-page essay outlining why you should be admitted to the MBA program.
  • the candidate should appear for a meeting with the program manager.

NOTE: Any RPL candidates cannot be allowed to the Qualification until all Entry Route 1 spots have been decided.

MBA AT LEVEL 9: Candidates for the MBA at Level 9 must hold an approved four-year Bachelor’s degree (exiting at level 8), an honors degree, a postgraduate diploma, or equivalent with at least three years of professional experience.


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  • Check that you meet the admission criteria for the program
  • Apply online at
  • Pay the application fee
  • Formal acceptance
  • Registration

 How to apply

  • The school wants to be certain that you picked the best path for your career. Please get in touch with the career counselor at if you are unsure about your decision.
  • Make sure you comply with the minimal requirements and possess all necessary papers for the program you have chosen, as detailed in the information pack accessible on each course page.
  • Dates for application deadlines are also listed on the pages for each course.
  • To avoid disappointment, make sure to submit your application for admission soon before registration closes. Only submissions submitted after the deadline will be taken into consideration.
  • To verify your application, they need your current 13-digit South African ID number. Your personal information is respected by Milpark Education. Please click here for additional details on the privacy notice.
  • Before enrolling in individual topics in a new program, applicants must submit an admission application and earn academic acceptance into the program.

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Contact details

086 999 0001
3rd Floor, Deneb House, 368 Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town

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