Royal Roads University Application 2025-2026

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Royal Roads University Application 2025-2026

Royal Roads University Application 2025-2026;  Royal Roads University ranking


Royal Roads University ranking

Choosing your university is a big decision. Learn how to apply to Royal Roads University as a domestic or foreign student. After submitting your application, you must submit supporting documentation including your resume, personal statement, character references, and official transcripts. Find out where these documents should be sent. What follows is what? Acceptance or conditional acceptance into your program is possible. Find out how admissions are made.

They will pay attention to your goals and assist you in determining how to achieve them, regardless of whether you are just starting or advancing your career with a new degree, diploma, or certificate. We’re prepared to assist. They can respond to your inquiries, clarify your options, and help you apply. Start your application as soon as possible. For more information, if you’re an international student, go to International Student Guidelines. Start your online application right away if you are prepared to apply.

Royal Roads University Tuition & fees

To prepare for the future, learn about the cost of tuition and other expenses. Take into account your choices for financing through loans, scholarships, bursaries, or other forms of aid. You might be able to work or live in your hometown while you attend classes at Royal Roads University thanks to the flexibility of their programs. You will pay domestic tuition fees if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

You will pay international tuition costs if you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Fees are reevaluated annually and are subject to change without notice. The University of Royal Roads maintains the right to fix any mistakes or omissions. Domestic-$550, International-$5,000.

Royal Roads University supporting documents
These may include:

  • résumé
  • personal statement
  • reference letters
  • writing sample
  • official transcripts

Programs offered at Royal Roads University

  • Advanced Coaching Practices
  • Educational Leadership and Management
  • Environment and Management
  • Environmental Education and Communication
  • Environmental Practice
  • Executive and Organizational Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Management
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Management
  • Higher Education Administration and Leadership
  • Human Security and Peacebuilding
  • Intercultural and International Communication
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Disaster and Emergency Management

Royal Roads University Admission requirements by country

  • Bangladesh- 4-year bachelor’s degree; master’s degree (followed by a 2 or 3-year bachelor’s degree)
  • China-4-year bachelor’s degree (学士学位)
  • India-4-year bachelor’s degree; 3-year bachelor’s degree from an A-rated NAAC institution (with a minimum 1st Class standing); or a bachelor/master combination
  • Kenya-4-year bachelor’s degree
  • Mexico-4-year Licenciado, Licentiatura or Titulo
  • Nigeria-4-year bachelor’s degree
  • Pakistan-4-year bachelor’s degree; master’s degree (followed by a 2 or 3-year bachelor’s degree)
  • Saudi Arabia-4-year bachelor’s degree

English language requirements

At Royal Roads University, English is the main language of instruction and communication.
The English language requirements must be met by all students.

When you apply, you must show that you have a basic level of competency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English.

How to apply to Royal Roads University

Explore our programs and find the right fit

  • Choose the undergraduate, graduate, certificate, or diploma program to which you want to apply. Browse a list of programs by degree type or field of study, or conduct a program search.
  • For information about the application deadline, admission requirements, and what documents to prepare, visit the program page.
  • Contact them if you have any inquiries or would like more information, and they will respond as soon as they can.

Apply to your program of choice

  • Complete your online application and send it in as soon as you can. You don’t have to finish everything all at once, but you should save your work as you go.
  • You must pay the non-refundable application fee.
  • Send in the necessary documentation, as indicated on the program website (under “Application requirements”).To learn more about how to send your documents, read these instructions.
  • Check the status of your application online after submission to see how it’s doing.

Receive your admissions decision

  • RRU will inform you of your decision following the examination of your application and any accompanying materials.
  • A tuition deposit must be paid when you accept a position in a program.
  • The start of your life-changing journey should be noted on your calendar as the first day of sessions.

Contact details

Contact Admissions if you have questions about your current application.

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