Torrens University Australia Tuition Fees 2023-2024

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Torrens University Australia Tuition Fees 2023-2024

Torrens University Australia Tuition Fees 2023-2024; Torrens university fees extension

Torrens University Australia Tuition Fees 2023-2024

Torrens university fees extension

You can learn more about the course expenses at Torrens University Australia here, along with other charges and financial aid options for both domestic and international students. Equip yourself with all the knowledge you want about tuition costs and the variety of scholarships they provide to help you and your education. For the purpose of covering all or a portion of your tuition costs, domestic students may be qualified to apply for a FEE-HELP loan or a VET Student Loan (VSL).

whether you are eligible for FEE-HELP and VET student loans relies on factors like your citizenship status and whether you want to enroll in an undergraduate, graduate, or vocational education program. Only domestic students are eligible for FEE-HELP, which may exclude students with permanent resident visas. To cover their tuition costs, eligible students may borrow up to the FEE-HELP maximum.

You are only permitted to borrow a certain amount of FEE-HELP. The average student’s FEE-HELP loan cap is $109,206. (there is a higher limit for some approved courses). Indexation is not included in your FEE-HELP cap. Except for English courses, all diploma-level or above courses are eligible for FEE-HELP, however, you must first meet the requirements.


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Tuition Assurance

Students at Torrens University Australia can use the Tuition Protection Service to have their tuition funds protected. The Australian government has launched the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) to help:

  • International students
  • Domestic students who qualify can apply for a FEE-HELP, HECS-HELP, or VET Student Loan (VSL)
  • Students in domestic higher education pay their providers directly.
  • when a program of study cannot be fully delivered by your educational provider.

These students are guaranteed by the TPS to be able to:

  • finish their studies in a different course or with a different educator,
  • get their unpaid tuition payments reimbursed (for overseas students and prepaid higher education students) or
  • a refund of their debt for uncompleted study units (VSL and HELP) Please visit the TPS website for more details.

Torrens University Australia keeps a sufficient quantity of restricted funds in a Fee Protection Trust Account with a trustworthy financial institution for the student category (VET Student Loan domestic upfront paying student) that is not covered by TPS. To make sure the limited cash amount is at a reasonable level, an annual assessment is done.

Every calendar year that you are enrolled, the university maintains the right to raise the tuition by up to 10%. By doing this, the University is able to modify fees as needed to reflect increases in the price of teaching your course. Each trimester’s fees must be paid in full before the start of the trimester.

According to the student refund policy, you may be entitled to a refund or re-credit of the remaining balance on your FEE-HELP or VET student loans, or, if you are an international student, you may be eligible for a re-credit of tuition fees paid under the international student refund policy.


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Admissions criteria

All courses must meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements in order to be entered. The minimum requirements for English language proficiency, as specified by the relevant course and outlined in the Admission Criteria for Torrens University Coursework Programs, must be met by both international applicants and domestic applicants who have not studied at the secondary level in English.

Visa requirements

Once you have the necessary documents, you can apply for a student visa.

  • confirmation of your enrolment in classes at Torrens University
  • Student Health Insurance Abroad (OSHC)
  • Reassurance of Enrollment (CoE)


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How to apply: You may need …

International students

  • Your current or intended visa type.
  • No visa is required for Online study outside of Australia.

Candidates Submitting Applications for Vocational and Higher Education

  • Information about your prior schooling, unique student identifier (USI).

Research Grant Applicants

  • Prior to applying for research funding, candidates must complete a ‘Research
  • It is possible to submit a proposal throughout the application procedure. Download a sample research proposal.

Applying for undergraduate courses at our Adelaide campus?

You might need to submit an application through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Center if you are a domestic student wishing to enroll in an undergraduate program at the Adelaide location (SATAC). Visit their How to Apply page to learn more.

Please enter if you have a USI number. Please use the email address you used to apply for your USI in this application. You can apply for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) at if you don’t already have one.

For more details; click here.

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