University of Queensland Application Deadline 2023-2024

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University of Queensland Application Deadline 2023-2024

University of Queensland Application Deadline 2023-2024; UQ academic calendar 2023

University of Queensland Application Deadline 2023-2024; uq academic calendar 2023

University of Queensland Application Deadline 2023-2024/UQ academic calendar 2023

Some programs have deadlines that must be met. Dates for application deadlines are provided on this website. International student deadlines vary depending on the program you apply for and the classification of your country of origin’s visa assessment. With the year-round application procedure provided by QTAC, candidates can choose between undergraduate degree programs starting in the first and second semesters on a single application.

Not all programs, though, start in the middle of the year. Each year, QTAC applications go on sale in August, and those for programs starting in Semester 1 must be submitted on time by the last working day of September. Applications can be submitted after the deadline in September, although there may be a late fee. See below for more details. UQ academic calendar 2023

This article provides details on postgraduate coursework programs, such as application requirements and deadlines. For admission to a higher degree through research programs, you can apply at any time. However, candidates should be aware that the HDR Scholarship Selection Committee meets twice a year to choose the winners of the UQ Graduate School tuition fee and/or living allowance scholarships. There are available dates.


Search: UAC Key Dates 2023-2024


Important dates/ UQ academic calendar 2023-2024

Most programs fall under this set of dates. For further information, visit QTAC’s fixed closure dates. Some programs have earlier closing dates.
Check the QTAC key dates to see all application dates.

For Semester 1, 2023/UQ academic calendar 2023-2024

  • QTAC applications open: 2 August 2022
  • QTAC applications close for major offer round: 9 December 2022
  • UQ offers released: between 6 October 2022 and 16 February 2023
  • QTAC major offer round: 12 January 2023
  • Classes start at UQ: 20 February 2023


Search: UAC Undergraduate Offer Dates 2023-2024


Offer Rounds/ UQ academic calendar 2023-2024

The new admissions season is now accepting QTAC applications, which must be submitted online. On Friday, December 9, 2022, applicants must submit their applications and supporting documents in order to receive most offers on January 12, 2023.

Once the deadline for the particular offer round has passed, you cannot alter your preferences. Each institution has the option to participate in early offer rounds.


2023 Offer Round Dates

Offer Round Due Date to Apply
& Submit Docs*
Due Date Change of Preference Offers Released Response Date 4 pm
Thu 25 Aug Thu 18 Aug ^ Thu 25 Aug – 8.30am Mon 29 Aug
Thu 6 Oct Thu 30 Sep ^ Thur 6 Oct – 8.30 am Mon 10 Oct
Fri 18 Nov Fri 11 Nov Fri 18 Nov – 8.30am Fri 25 Nov
Thu 22 Dec Thurs 8 Dec Mon 19 Dec 12 pm Thu 22 Dec – 10 am Thu 29 Dec
Thu 12 Jan Fri 9 Dec Wed 4 Jan 11.59 pm Thu 12 Jan – 8.30 am Mon 16 Jan
Fri 20 Jan Fri 9 Dec ^ Fri 20 Jan – 8.30 am Tues 24 Jan
Fri 27 Jan Thu 19 Jan ^ Fri 27 Jan – 8.30am Tues 31 Jan
Tue 31 Jan Mon 23 Jan ^ Tue 31 Jan – 2pm Sat 4 Feb
Thu 2 Feb Thu 26 Jan ^ Thu 2 Feb – 2pm Mon 6 Feb
Tue 7 Feb Tue 31 Jan ^ Tue 7 Feb – 2pm Sat 11 Feb
Thu 9 Feb Thu 2 Feb ^ Thu 9 Feb – 2pm Mon 13 Feb
Tue 14 Feb Tue 7 Feb ^ Tue 14 Feb – 2pm Sat 18 Feb
Thu 16 Feb Thu 9 Feb ^ Thu 16 Feb – 2 pm Mon 20 Feb
Fri 17 Mar Fri 10 Mar ^ Fri 17 Mar – 8.30am Tues 21 Mar
Mon 27 Mar Mon 20 Mar Mon 27 Mar – 8.30am Fri 31 March
Thu 27 Apr Thurs 20 Apr ^ Thu 27 Apr – 8.30am Mon 1 May
Thu 18 May Thu 11 May ^ Thu 18 May – 8.30am Mon 22 May
Thu 8 Jun Thu 25 May Fri 2 Jun 11.59pm Thu 8 Jun – 8.30am Mon 12 Jun
Thu 15 Jun Thu 8 June ^ Thu 15 Jun – 8.30am Mon 19 Jun
Tue 20 Jun Tue 13 Jun ^ Tue 20 Jun – 8.30am Sat 24 Jun
Thu 22 Jun Thu 15 Jun ^ Thu 22 Jun – 2pm Mon 26 Jun
Tue 27 Jun Thu 20 Jun ^ Tue 27 Jun – 2pm Sat 1 Jul
Thu 29 Jun Thu 22 Jun ^ Thu 29 Jun – 2pm Mon 3 Jul
  • For courses that have this date specified as an offer round in Course Search, the application and submission deadlines are due.
  • To be taken into consideration for this offer round, complete your preference list as soon as you can.


Search: USC Academic Calendar 2024-2025


How to apply -Undergraduate/ UQ academic calendar 2023-2024

Follow the steps to apply.

Choose your program

Choose a curriculum that fits your interests, passions, or professional objectives.

Review entry requirements

For an offer to be taken into consideration, you must fulfill all admission conditions.

Review admission schemes

Increase your chances of admission through changes and other tactics.

Consider your pathway options

There are routes available if you need assistance fulfilling admission requirements.

Review fees and financial support

Understand the costs of your studies and the financial aid that is available.

Check credit eligibility

You might be able to receive credit for prior college, IB, or other studies.

Submit your application

completing and submitting your application.

Respond to your offer

How to react if you are given a scholarship offer to attend UQ?

Get ready for UQ

Your upcoming preparations for attending UQ


Contact details/UQ academic calendar 2023-2024

St Lucia
(07) 3365 1111
(07) 5460 1111

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