University Of Queensland Tuition Fees 2023-2024

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University Of Queensland Tuition Fees 2023-2024

University Of Queensland Tuition Fees 2023-2024; University of Queensland courses


University of Queensland courses/ UQ international tuition fees

Attending university is a wise investment in your future. Be aware of the price of your research. Tuition costs are due for each course you enroll in. Each course’s fees might be different, and they might go up every year. See the unit of study schedules for domestic undergraduate fee-paying students or domestic postgraduate coursework students for the year you plan to study to understand your costs better.

You may qualify for student income assistance payments from Centrelink if you are a full-time student. You are not qualified for Centrelink financial aid or the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) as a non-award student. The information on this page covers only programs for international students. Please refer to the TPP and VET program websites for domestic students’ costs and deadlines.


University Of Queensland Additional Fees/UQ international tuition fees

Students may incur additional non-tuition fee costs as outlined in the following table:

All fees are in AUD$

Application fee $220
Field trip (Biology) $200
Replacement ID card $20
Replacement Certificate (pre-July 2020)* $20
Cancellation fee See  Fees and Refunds Policy

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English for Academic Purposes/UQ international tuition fees

2023 Tuition fees ($AUD)

Enrolment length Tuition Student services & materials Total
5 weeks $2,325 $100 $2,425
10 weeks $4,650 $200 $4,850
15 weeks $6,975 $300 $7,275
20 weeks $9,300 $400 $9,700
25 weeks $11,625 $500 $12,125
30 weeks $13,950 $600 $14,550
35 weeks $16,275 $700 $16,975
40 weeks $18,600 $800 $19,400
45 weeks $20,925 $900 $21,825

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Bridging English/UQ international tuition fees

2023 Tuition fees ($AUD)

Enrolment length Tuition Student services & materials Total
10 weeks $5,500 $200 $5,700
15 weeks $8,250 $300 $8,550
20 weeks $11,000 $400 $11,400
25 weeks $13,750 $500 $14,250
30 weeks $16,500 $600 $17,100
BE Extension (optional) $2,200 $80 $2,280

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Foundation Program/UQ international tuition fees

2023 Tuition fees ($AUD)

Tuition Fees $39,100
Enrolment Fees $220
Student Services Fees $1,050
Textbooks and Material Fee $1,500
Total $41,870

Fees are payable in two installments

1st installment $22,320
2nd installment $19,550


Entry requirements/UQ international tuition fees

You must fulfill all entry requirements in order to be given the opportunity to accept an offer to a program. For details on specific entry requirements, visit the program website.

For all of our programs, you need to meet the:

  • subject prerequisites
  • entry score threshold
  • program-specific requirements, if relevant.

Additionally, you may need to fulfill prerequisites that are built into some programs in order to graduate.


University of Queensland Faculties/UQ international tuition fees

  • Business, Economics & Law
  • Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology
  • Health and Behavioural Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Science


How to apply -Undergraduate/UQ international tuition fees

Follow the steps to apply.

Choose your program

Choose a curriculum that fits your interests, passions, or professional objectives.

Review entry requirements

For an offer to be taken into consideration, you must fulfill all admission conditions.

Review admission schemes

Increase your chances of admission through changes and other tactics.

Consider your pathway options

There are routes available if you need assistance fulfilling admission requirements.

Review fees and financial support

Understand the costs of your studies and the financial aid that is available.

Check credit eligibility

You might be able to receive credit for prior college, IB, or other studies.

Submit your application

completing and submitting your application.

Respond to your offer

How to react if you are given a scholarship offer to attend UQ?

Get ready for UQ

Your upcoming preparations for attending UQ

For more details, click here


Contact details/UQ international tuition fees

St Lucia
(07) 3365 1111
(07) 5460 1111

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