University of South Australia Tuition Fees 2025-2026

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University of South Australia Tuition Fees 2025-2026

university of South Australia tuition fees for international students, University of South Australia Tuition Fees 2025-2026

We’re available to give you all the details you require regarding applying to study at UniSA and the tuition costs for 2025–2026. Check to see if you are qualified for one of Centrelink’s Youth Allowance, Austudy, or ABSTUDY programs if you need help paying for your studies and living expenses. Your tuition will depend on the on-campus program you are enrolled in if you are an overseas student taking just one course through UniSA Online.

UniSA Online single courses cost $2,875 for undergraduate students and $3,313 for graduate students if you are an overseas student taking a single course that is not part of a degree (postgraduate). Non-award students are full fee-paying students, which means that after enrolling, charges are paid upfront.

Tuition fee due dates are set for each study term if there are enrolments after the initial payment is received. Each study session has two due dates, which are specified on the invoice. Instead of paying tuition to the University of South Australia directly, exchange students (students from exchange partner universities) will continue to pay fees to their home institution.

There is a required Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) that supports extracurricular services. The amount of courses you take determines how much you pay per semester. To ensure your health, you must additionally pay for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

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Study Abroad Students 2025-2026 Fees

  • Tuition Fee for 4 courses (18 units) AUD $10,000
  • Tuition Fee for 3 courses (13.5units) AUD $7,500

This covers orientation at the university, welcome services, and support services. You must also pay for the necessary Overseas Student Healthcare Insurance for the duration of your visa (OSHC).

All individuals with student visas are insured by OSHC. You might qualify for financial aid if you are a student from the United States. For more information, kindly contact your home institution.

University of South Australia Entry Requirements Undergraduate 2025

A recognized Pathway or Foundation Studies Program, an Australian Year 12 program, a program that is equivalent in your home country, or both are required.

You must apply to the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Center if you are an overseas student enrolled in Year 12 in Australia (SATAC).

University of South Australia Postgraduate Requirements 2025

You must, at the very least, have successfully finished an undergraduate degree from an Australian higher education institution, its overseas equivalent, or have obtained the equivalency of professional job experience.
The university grants degrees in both coursework and research.

The University of South Australia How to Apply 2025

Step 1: Find the best program for you

Step 2: Check entry requirements

Make sure you are aware of both the University’s entry criteria and the requirements for each specific program.

  • English language requirements
  • Guidelines on genuine temporary entry
  • Guidelines on living costs and evidence of funds

Step 3: Do you need to apply through a registered UniSA Agent?

  • You could require an agent depending on your country of citizenship.
  • You might need to apply through a registered UniSA education agency, depending on your country of citizenship. See the whole list of nations by citizenship right here. On their website, you can also discover a complete list of all registered UniSA agents (Find an agent).

Step 4: Apply using your online International Application System

To apply, locate your program online. Once you have located the program you want to enrol in, click “apply online” on the program’s main page to be directed to the user-friendly online International Application System. What may be anticipated from the new International Application System offered by UniSA:

  • an expedient and simple online application form
  • being able to monitor the status of your application during the submission, evaluation, offer, and acceptance stages
  • the ability to accept an offer, submit your acceptance, and pay via our secure online system.

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Important information

Your application can be submitted at any time. The results of your application will be communicated to you within one to two weeks of the date they receive your application and any necessary supporting materials.
You will need to give yourself more time to apply for a student visa if you need one. There is no application cost at the University of South Australia.

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Contact details

Phone: 1300 301 703
Visit us: Campus Central location addresses

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