University of Sydney Application 2025-2026

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University of Sydney Application 2025-2026

University of Sydney Application 2025-2026; Uni application dates 2025-2026

Uni application dates 2025-2026/ University of Sydney apply

Whether you are an international or domestic student, as well as the level of study you are applying for, will determine the application process. Before you can apply for credit as a new student who applied through UAC, you must accept your offer. The procedure for applying as a current student will then be followed. You must provide the necessary supporting documentation along with your credit application by the dates specified above

You can apply for credit along with your course application if you’re applying directly to the University (including internal course applications). If you are given an admissions offer, you won’t be able to accept it and enroll until your credit application has been reviewed. You will have the option to accept or reject the credit and enroll in your course once your credit application has been processed and you have received an offer of admission with credit.

You must apply as soon as possible. Applications received before the deadline receive priority consideration, and in most cases will be processed by the beginning of the semester. Your application might not be processed in time for credit to be given for that semester if you submit it after the deadline. Uni application dates 2025-2026

Find specific instructions on how to apply for your course. Depending on the type of degree you’re applying for and whether you’re an international or domestic student, different application procedures will apply.


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Application deadlines/ University of Sydney apply

You must submit your application by the deadlines for each semester if you have not already done so as part of the course application process for credit.

  • Semester 1: Sunday 29 January
  • Semester 2: Sunday 16 July.

You shouldn’t put off enrolling in study units and going to class until the result of your credit application. If you have been granted credit for any units of study, you have until the semester census date to drop those units and have until the last day to add new ones. Be aware that:

  • If you don’t submit the necessary paperwork, your application will be denied.
  • Your credit application won’t be taken into consideration for the current semester if you submit it after the census date.
  • Current students must wait until they obtain their results for the most recent semester before asking for credit for a unit of study they are currently enrolled in. Where findings have not yet been released, they are unable to evaluate credit applications.


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Supporting documents/ University of Sydney apply

Even if the supporting documents have already been submitted to the University, you must still include them with your application. Your application will be rejected if it is submitted without the necessary supporting documentation, and you will have to reapply.

If you have non-English documents, they must be legally translated into English by your institution and stamped with the official seal of the institution on each page. As an alternative, you can have the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters translate and certify your document (NAATI).


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External credit/ University of Sydney apply

For each unit of study that is part of your application for credit from another institution, you must submit the supporting documentation listed below.

  • a verified copy of your official academic transcript, which should include the courses you have finished as well as your final grade (not a results notice or an online printout). This should also include a description of the institution’s grading policy. An alternative is to provide a PDF of your transcript that you have downloaded from My eQuals.
  • a thorough official unit of study description that includes every one of the following and is specific to the session and year you completed it:
  • unit of study code and name
  • academic level, for example, the first-year
  • credit point value
  • learning content, including a weekly schedule of topics, covered
  • method of teaching and assessment
  • number of teaching hours
  • reading list
  • prescribed and recommended texts and reference books
  • the amount of in-person instruction hours and word count needed for each assessment item for the law units.
  • information on the overall number of units needed to earn the degree you were pursuing.
  • You might also be required to submit a portfolio of your work in some circumstances.

You must get in touch with the institution where you finished the unit of study if you don’t have the necessary unit of study description(s).


How to apply/ University of Sydney apply

  • Choose a course
  •  Check your eligibility.
  • Consider assumed knowledge
  •  Check your finances
  •  Submit your application

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