University of Technology Sydney Tuition Fees 2023-2024

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University of Technology Sydney Tuition Fees 2023-2024

University of Technology Sydney Tuition Fees 2023-2024; UTS undergraduate fees


UTS undergraduate fees

International students’ tuition costs vary depending on the program and the year, and they must be paid in full for each session. Students may also have to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee on top of their tuition (SSAF). Additionally, there will be charges associated with textbooks and other course materials.

With the exception of exchange and study abroad students, tuition fees for international students are load-based. This means that you will be charged a fee for every subject you register for, even repeated ones. Your tuition expenses will be subject to an increase each calendar year, as specified in your offer letter. To estimate the tuition costs for a specific year, please utilize the Tuition Fees Search – Search Fees by Course option.

Please be aware that the year you start studying will be your Cohort Year. The Student Services and Amenities Fee is additionally required of international students. UTS undergraduate fees

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Additional details regarding tuition fees for international students:

  • Becoming a permanent resident of Australia
  • Payment
  • Protocol on fees and refunds for international students
  • Tuition protection service


Tuition fee calculations for Postgraduate Research degrees

The number of days you spend enrolled in each research degree session and whether you enrolled before or after the research census date determine how much you will pay in tuition fees for postgraduate research degrees.

Research degree sessions are as follows:

  • Autumn – 1 January to 30 June
  • Spring – 1 July to 31 December

Please take note that the number of days spent applying for the degree or days spent in the research degree session will be multiplied by 0.5 to determine the tuition costs.
The research census date is the sole date for which this daily rate computation is valid.
The entire session tuition cost is due for the balance of the research census period.

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Tuition fees- Domestic students

The Australian Government’s Research Training Program (RTP) Fees Offset Scholarship will pay the cost of the tuition for domestic students who have accepted admission to a graduate research degree.
If you receive an RTP Fee Offset Scholarship, you are exempt from paying tuition fees for the maximum amount of time necessary to finish your studies*.


Required documents

Through the UTS Online Application System, domestic students can submit a direct application to UTS. This system is accessible to students via the UTS Postgraduate Admissions page. To apply directly to UTS, students will require:

  • Official academic transcripts or records of study, or proof of completion of studies if this is not shown on the academic record (note: transcripts printed from institution websites will not be accepted).
  • Current CV
  • Individual Statement (approx. 1 page in length, describing past involvement in course-related activities, your reasons for wanting to undertake a postgraduate course within the Faculty and it should demonstrate your capacity to do so).
  • Proof of a name change (if applicable).
  • translations of any non-English documents (if applicable).
  • If the language of teaching at the undergraduate level was not English, documentation of English ability is required (IELTS results, etc).
  • such as a passport or driver’s license with a photo.

The institution prefers that you apply online through Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) (opens an external site) if you do not have all of this information because UAC can obtain your results electronically and follow up on any other application-related difficulties.


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Admission requirements

A bachelor’s degree from Australia or an equivalent degree from another country is generally required for admission to postgraduate coursework study at UTS. However, for some courses, additional credentials and experience might be taken into account, including:

  • graduate diplomas, graduate certificates, or a TAFE diploma
  • extensive work history supported by testimonials from previous employers

To qualify for an offer to study at UTS, applicants must also meet the English language competency standards.


How to apply

  •  Select your course and start date
  •  Complete application
  •  Supporting documentation
  •  Application fee
  • Submit application
  •  Acknowledgment letter
  • Accepting an offer



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