University of Western Australia Tuition Fees 2025/2026

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University of Western Australia Tuition Fees 2025/2026

University of Western Australia Tuition Fees 2025/2026; UWA biomedical science fees

UWA biomedical science fees

Tuition fees at UWA are a requirement for all international students. The cost of tuition changes depending on the degree of study, and it rises every year. To help with the cost of tuition, UWA gives several scholarships to international students. The University of Western Australia (UWA) charges tuition for all students from Australia. For the bulk of Australian students, tuition expenses are, however, subsidized by the federal government.

Other New Zealand nationals and non-humanitarian Australian permanent residents are required to pay the full amount directly to the university. Visit Study Assist for further details on the requirements for the Special Visa Category. Learn more about how to pay for tuition, fees for services and facilities, and other expenses at UWA. UWA biomedical science fees

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Tuition fees

Your course, enrollment, and citizenship all affect how much you pay for each unit (your tuition charge).
By the terms of your UWA Acceptance Contract, tuition costs are reviewed annually in November and are subject to increases.
At the beginning of each semester, tuition is due.

Calculating your fees

Using the university’s fees calculator, you may access and check your tuition costs for the current and past years whether you’re a resident or overseas student.
The calculator features definitions for frequently used terms, a browsing tool, and costs for a variety of courses.

Student contribution

Courses at UWA are divided into several units. The value of a normal unit is six credit points. Eight six-credit-point units are typically studied by full-time students in a year, or four six-credit-point units every semester.
The billing of fees occurs every semester.

For a variety of discipline areas, the table below shows indicative expenses. The mix of units a student enrols in determines how much of a contribution they make each semester.
On the Fee Calculator, full costs for units are displayed.

Student contributions for students supported by the Commonwealth. The Australian Government’s Study Assist website lists rates.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

For each year or part of a year that you study, you must pay the mandatory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).
The fee is used to raise the standard and scope of the services provided to students.
Each semester after your enrolment, an electronic SSAF Statement of Account notification fee is issued to your UWA student email account.

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Cost of living

The cost of living in Perth varies depending on your lifestyle and the sort of housing you choose, however, most single students can live comfortably on AUD$450 a week (this does not include tuition fees or medical cover).
Additionally, you could need additional money to pay for various expenses like textbooks.
There can also be other costs associated with your course.
The cost of tuition does not remain constant throughout the chosen program and rises annually.

Other costs

In addition to your tuition payments, attending university comes with additional costs. These could include the cost of textbooks, study aids, official school papers, and daily living expenditures.
Visit Incidental Student Fees for a list of costs associated with your studies at UWA.

During your education, it’s crucial to be informed of any service charges, fines, or penalties. Service fees are costs associated with particular products or services that UWA provides.

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Late payments and cancellations

Tuition payments received after the deadline will incur a $60 late fee, and your account will also be encumbered until the full amount owed plus the late fee is collected. You won’t be able to because of the encumbrance:

  • receiving official documents
  • receiving a new Confirmation of Enrolment
  • graduating
  • viewing unit results
  • re-enrolling

Your enrolment may be cancelled if your tuition payments aren’t made three weeks after the due date for the instructional period.

This can lead to the termination of your Confirmation of Enrollment for overseas students, which could have a significant impact on your visa.

English language requirements

English is the language of instruction and evaluation at UWA. To be eligible for a spot, you must pass the university’s English language requirements.

The full list of options for completing the ELC requirement is provided below for both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework entrance to UWA. Certain courses may have more stringent requirements.

How to apply:

  • Visit the UWA Apply Portal and register for an account or login before beginning the application process.
  • Create a profile by clicking the “login” button in the top right corner of the website.
  • Click “start application” once you have created a profile and are on your dashboard.
  • In the ‘Applicant Type’ section:
  • Choose your degree, course location, entry point, and first major in the “Course Selection” section (only if required)
  • Answer the “extra questions” part in the “Course Details” section to be able to choose an ensured pathway.
  • Enter your high school information in the “Qualifications” area. Under “Secondary Education,” choose “ATAR / WACE / TEE (Western Australia)” from the Academic System selection.
  • Review your application and ensure that all of the facts you’ve supplied are accurate in the “Review and Submit” area.

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