Vancouver Island University Application 2025-2026

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Vancouver Island University Application 2025-2026

Vancouver Island University Application 2025-2026;  VIU exam schedule 2025


VIU exam schedule 2025

Do you have questions about the Vancouver Island University application process? You may get a step-by-step walkthrough of the procedure on this website: The majority of academic programs take applications from October 1 through March 31 for classes beginning in September of the following year, but more alternatives for programs beginning at other periods are being added every year. Each program includes information on the start dates and application deadlines.

VIU advises using EducationPlannerBC, British Columbia’s quick and effective centralized online application process, to submit your application. You can download an application form if you’d like. Any campus can receive a completed form by email or delivery. You must arrange for an official transcript from your high school and any colleges or universities you have attended to be forwarded to VIU to complete your application submission.

Some programs demand additional paperwork from candidates. Each program you want to be admitted to requires a separate application fee. Only once the necessary information and documentation have been obtained are applicants considered for admission. /Vancouver Island University Application 2025-2026

Important Notes when applying

Applications and documents: Regardless of whether a student is admitted or not, all applications, transcripts, and supplementary forms become the property of Vancouver Island University and are not returned. Only when a document is regarded as irreplaceable is there an exemption? When providing a document of this nature, kindly ask for its return.

Applications for Multiple Programs: One set of transcripts will be needed even if a student applies to multiple programs; however, they must submit separate applications for each request./VIU exam schedule 2025

Re-application for returning VIU students: Any time a student reapplies for a program, a new application must be filled out; it could also be necessary to resubmit all supporting documentation. If you’re thinking about taking a year off, you should look into the possibility of taking a formal Leave of Absence.

Vancouver Island University Dates and Deadlines

  • Graduate programs, international students, and activities at regional campuses may have different dates.
  • Check the page for the individual program in the Calendar to find the application deadlines.
  • Please refer to the specific program page in the Calendar or the website for each program for the start dates, end dates, and other deadlines for graduate programs.

Vancouver Island University Admission Requirements

There are entrance standards for each program at VIU, which indicate the minimal standing needed to get admitted. To provide students a chance to excel in their studies, admission requirements are in place. Programs of various types have varied requirements. Everyone can enroll at VIU on a basic level. They can assist you with improving your credentials so that you will one day be able to meet the entrance requirements for the program you have selected if you don’t currently meet them.

If one of the following criteria is met, Canadian citizens and foreigners having permanent residency in Canada may be admitted to academic programs:

  • graduation from a BC secondary school, or equivalent, with a minimum “C” grade in either English Studies 12 or English First Peoples 12;
  • previous degree from a recognized university;
  • visiting student from a college or university (a “Letter of Permission” from the home institution is required);
  • a transfer student from a college or university (at least 24 transferable university-level credits completed);
  • academic mature student category: 21 years of age (or will turn 21 during their first semester) and has a minimum “C” grade in either English Studies 12 or English First Peoples 12.

English Language Proficiency

Candidates should be aware that English is the language of instruction at Vancouver Island University unless otherwise stated.
Domestic students who speak English as a second language are encouraged to get in touch with the advising center for advice on how to improve their language abilities, if necessary.

Applying to VIU- International students

Before You Apply-Study the VIU programs. Gather your required documents for scanning while checking the prerequisites for your particular program:

  • Your official transcripts
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Certified English translation* of any documents issued in a language other than English
  • A copy of your passport (photo page)
  • Copy of High School Graduation Diploma (if available)
  • Copy of University Degree (If available)


They highly advise sending in your application online. International students must go through a separate admission process from domestic students. Students who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents should fill out the application shown below.

  • Scan all documents (in separate files)
  • Complete the online International Application for Admission form, choose your payment option, and upload your supporting documentation.
  • Pay the $150 (CAD) application processing fee (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are recommended). This fee is not refundable. Additionally accepted are checks, money orders, and electronic transfers).
  • After submitting your online application, you will get a confirmation email that includes the payment receipt.
  • Define what counts as official academic records.
  • Send original or certified translations of all your transcripts to:

International Admissions
Vancouver Island University
900 Fifth Street
Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5S5


  • The $150 (CAD) Application Fee must be paid before your application can be completed, and all necessary scanned papers must be supplied.
  • Your Letter of Acceptance for Master Programs won’t be sent out until the $150 (CAD) Application Fee has been paid and all original or certified documents have been received.

If you have questions along the way and want to chat about what program might be the best fit, click here

Contact details

(Main Campus)
900 Fifth Street
Nanaimo, BC
V9R 5S5