University of the Fraser Valley Application 2025-2026

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University of the Fraser Valley Application 2025-2026

University of the Fraser Valley Application 2025-2026;  UFV winter 2025 timetable


UFV winter 2025 timetable

You should read the information on this page if you plan to attend UFV as a domestic student. If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident/landed immigrant, you must apply domestically. At UFV, applicants from abroad are also welcome. To ensure consideration for the admission term of your choice, apply early. To find the start dates for your preferred program, check the list of programs that are currently accepting applications. While some programs only accept applications for certain start dates, others will accept your application whenever it is submitted.

Certain programs only take students during certain times of the year (e.g. Fall only). Others welcome freshmen throughout the year. Check the application deadlines for your program. It’s best to apply early because many of the popular programs will fill up quickly. After the application deadline, applications may still be accepted if there are openings in a program. However, if there are no openings, your application may be postponed until the next semester or intake.

University of the Fraser Valley Key dates and deadlines

UFV’s academic year is divided into three semesters.

  • Fall semester (Sept-Dec): Applications open October 1
  • Winter semester (Jan-Apr): Applications open May 1
  • Summer semester (May-Aug): Applications open October 1

University of the Fraser Valley General requirements

Most programs at UFV require BC high school graduation or equivalent.
If you haven’t graduated from high school and you’re 19 or older, you may still be accepted as a mature student.

English language requirements

Since English is the language of teaching at UFV, you must demonstrate that you speak it well enough to engage in and benefit from the educational process. There are several methods to show off your English proficiency. The admissions staff will determine whether you fit the standards. If they require information from you, they will contact you. If you don’t have the necessary English proficiency, you can enroll in programs to improve your language ability:

  • Upgrading and University Preparation
  • English Language Studies
  • University Foundation Certificate

Program-specific requirements

Each program will have its own set of additional entrance requirements. You might need to:

  • complete specific courses
  • achieve certain course grades or averages
  • create a written statement
  • arrange for reference
  • complete volunteer work
  • submit additional application forms

ufv winter 2025 timetable

If you don’t meet the entrance requirements

Don’t give up! The University of the Fraser Valley is dedicated to preserving access to education for as many individuals as possible. To find out about choices that might be suitable for you, please contact the Future Students team. UFV winter 2023 timetable

Qualifying Studies

While earning a future degree at the university, upgrade your high school. This is a fantastic approach to weighing your alternatives before applying to a certain school. While completing the requirements necessary to attend a program, students enrolled in qualifying studies can take up to 30 credits. Study up on Qualifying Studies.

Special Admission

You may ask for special admission if you are under 19 and have not completed high school but feel you have unique circumstances.

Concurrent studies: If you are in secondary school and want to take one or two post-secondary courses, apply for concurrent studies.

Apply to UFV

Choose your program- Choose the UFV program to which you want to apply. View the programming list. Unsure of which course is best for you? Contact the Future Students group. They are pleased to assist you in weighing your alternatives and locating a program that works for you.

Find your application dates-Certain programs only take freshmen during certain times of the year (e.g. Fall only). Others welcome freshmen throughout the year. Check the application deadlines for your program. To make sure you submit your application in time for the semester of your choice, you should also study general application deadlines.

Check the requirements– Each program is unique. For information on the courses and grades, you must have, be sure to review the admissions requirements. You might also need to submit other paperwork with your application, depending on your program. Give yourself enough time to obtain the required paperwork.

Apply online- To apply to UFV, use the EducationPlannerBC central application system. Create an account if you haven’t already, then fill it out with your personal and academic details. Some programs need you to upload additional documents, such as personal statements, sealed reference forms, or your volunteer experience. Application fee: You can use a credit card to pay your application fee when you apply. In the registrar’s office on any campus, you can pay with a debit card or a check.

Send us your transcripts (grades)- Make plans to send them formal transcripts showing all of your high school grades and the courses you have done at the post-secondary level. Aim to complete this stage as soon as you can.

Check your application status- As soon as your application is finished, it is evaluated. That indicates that they have received your application, application fee, transcripts, and any other supporting documentation. Check your email account for a UFV email with your UFV ID.
This email is crucial. It includes information on how to access the UFV application portal as well as your UFV ID. You can check the status of your application by logging into the application portal.

Contact details

General inquiries
Telephone: 604-504-7441
Toll-Free: 1-888-504-7441

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