Deakin University Tuition Fees 2025-2026

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Deakin University Tuition Fees 2025-2026

Deakin University Tuition Fees 2025-2026; Deakin University tuition fees 2025 2026 financial aid

The cost of tuition varies at Deakin depending on the course you choose, the sort of student you are, and if you qualify for credit for prior learning. To learn more about tuition costs and any possible financial aid that may be available to you, select your student type from the list below. You have the option of enrolling in a non-award course or an award course as an international fee-paying student. The data listed below are for students taking an award course.

Depending on when you started your degree, you will be assessed different tuition fees for each study session. The prices shown below are for certificate programs. The Deakin Fee Estimator can be used to assess your tuition costs if you are enrolled in a non-award unit. It’s important to understand the expenses involved with attending university and how, given your situation, you could be able to lower these expenses.

They are here to help you along the journey, whether it’s by assisting with questions about tuition costs or motivating you to apply for scholarships that are appropriate for your circumstances. The fees estimator can provide you with an idea of what your course fees would be by entering your information below, allowing you to make an educated decision about investing in your future.

Deakin University Estimate Your Fees 2025

  • Your course tuition expenses are based on your student type, the course you are taking, and the year you start. The fees estimator displays the Deakin University tuition costs for the course you’re thinking about taking.
  • Select an option in each field to get an estimate of your tuition costs. The study possibilities you’re thinking about should be reflected in your choices.
  • To choose a course, begin typing the name or code of the one you want to take, then make your choice from the drop-down menu.
  • To estimate course tuition costs, use the fee estimator simply as a suggestion. On Estimate your course and unit prices, you can see specific unit costs.

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Deakin University How much are the course fees for 2025

You will need to pay your orientation and tuition fees when you enrol and before you begin your course. You can choose to pay your fees through Deakin’s payment portal or use one of our online international payment providers.

  • Enrolment and orientation fee – AUD$250.
  • 2025 Tuition fee – AUD$470 per week (this means, if you study a five-week course, your tuition fee will be AUD$2350).

Deakin University Undergraduate students – domestic Tuition Fees

You will be enrolled as a domestic undergraduate student in either a fee-paying or a Commonwealth-subsidised place (CSP).
Your contribution to the cost of your tuition fees will vary depending on the type, of course, you are enrolled in.

Deakin University Postgraduate students – domestic Tuition Fees

Although some postgraduate courses offer Commonwealth-sponsored spots, the majority of postgraduate courses are fee-paying places (CSP). A place where all fees are paid in full is one for which the university receives no government financing.
Although you could be qualified for a Government FEE-HELP loan, students enrolled in these institutions are responsible for covering the entire cost of their courses. Your tuition charges are determined by the year you started taking the course.

Students who are enrolled in a CSP only need to pay a portion of the course cost. The term “student contribution” is used to describe this.

Deakin University How are my tuition expenses determined?

The tuition fees you pay as an international student enrolled in an award course will be determined by:

  • your course
  • the year you started studying
  • your study load

Your tuition fees are determined by the units you enrol in if you started your course earlier. This indicates that your expenses are determined by the units you select to study rather than a set course price. Depending on how much it costs the University to provide each unit, various units have varying rates. For instance, units that need laboratories or specialized equipment could be more expensive than units that don’t.

Below is a list of fee schedules. You can use the Deakin Fee Estimator to estimate your tuition costs or consult the tables below. Each academic year, tuition costs are subject to increases of up to 6%.

Deakin University Application Process 2025: Australian students

You can apply directly to Deakin College if:

You are submitting an application for an October or June starting Deakin College program.


You are not currently enrolled in the typical Australian Year 12 curriculum, but you are applying to a Deakin College course that begins in March.


For the March intake, the VTAC Change of Preference rounds have ended.

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Deakin University Application process for international students

Step 1: Choose your dream degree

The first step is deciding which degree and campus are best for you to pursue. Browse our study areas with Deakin’s Find a Course tool, or use the convenient search options to locate the degree of your dreams.

Step 2: Gather supporting documents

It is important to include all specified supporting paperwork when applying to Deakin; otherwise, your application may be rejected or delayed. Remember that before you upload most documents, they must first be authenticated, so give yourself plenty of time to organize.

Examples of certified copies you will need to include:

  • award certificates
  • academic transcripts
  • formal identity papers (e.g. your passport).

Step 3: Submit your application

Either directly through Deakin’s online application portal or through a Deakin authorized agent, you can apply.

Deakin University How to apply steps Postgraduate applications 2025

  • Find your course
  • Check entry requirements
  • Check application key dates
  • Check what supporting documentation you’ll need
  • Apply for Trimesters 1, 2, and 3 directly to Deakin

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