Edith Cowan University Tuition Fees 2025-2026

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Edith Cowan University Tuition Fees 2025-2026

Edith Cowan University Tuition Fees 2025-2026; Edith Cowan College fees

Australian citizens enrolled in bachelor’s programs pay tuition costs that are determined by and subsidized by the government. You may be qualified to attend classes without making a deposit. On what is referred to as a HECS-HELP loan, your costs may be postponed. Visit the Study Assist website of the government to learn more. If you are qualified and decide to postpone paying your fees, you will begin recouping them through taxes as soon as you reach a yearly income cap set by the government.

Tuition costs can vary from unit to unit or from year to year, but if you know your course code or title or your unit code or title, you can estimate your costs. Incidental fees for some courses or units are charged in addition to your tuition. These consist of items like medical exams, clearances from the police and other authorities, field trip costs, lab coats, and ID badges.

ECU Students who meet the requirements can apply for interest-free student loans to help cover some university expenses like textbooks, upfront housing bills, and unexpected personal expenses.

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Important information fees include:/Edith Cowan University IELTS requirement

  • Half of the first course’s fees, or the tuition, are due at the time of enrolment. Fees for subsequent study periods are due two weeks before the beginning of each study period.
  • Airport reception
  • Free English assistance and workshops on academic skills related to Australian study techniques
  • Orientation program
  • access to computers, libraries, sports, and other activities
  • If needed, the student advisor and counsellor can assist.
  • Internet downloads indefinitely for academic purposes

Program fees do not include:/Edith Cowan University IELTS requirement

  • Meals and Transport
  • Books and stationery
  • Accommodation
  • Airfares
  • Visa processing fee
  • Health Insurance (this is charged separately on the Letter of Offer and is payable on enrolment)
  • Science student uniforms and supplies
  • Lessons in flight for aviation students

Fees/Edith Cowan University IELTS requirement 2025

  • Four units equal a full-time study load.
  • Each trimester or semester’s tuition fees, charges, and accounts are due in advance.
  • To start a trimester or semester, a student must pay any outstanding fees, charges, and accounts imposed by ECC or ECU.
  • The total tuition expenses listed in an offer letter are merely indicative and are based on a full-time study load for one trimester/semester. Depending on unit choices, study load, and timely payment, the overall tuition costs may change. In cases when actual tuition costs are less than the amount pre-paid, students will be given a credit to their account.
  • ECC reserves the right to periodically raise tuition costs and other fees without prior notice.
  • Students who enrol at ECC for a second or subsequent trimester or semester will be informed of the deadline for making payments and enrolling. A penalty fee, as described in the Results & Re-enrolment brochure, may be assessed for failure to enrol by the specified date.
  • Specific clothing and/or equipment must be purchased for some courses.
  • Should a student need to repeat a course, the entire cost will be assessed.

Edith Cowan University Application Process 2025

Step 1: Follow this link to complete the online application form.

Step 2: Attach certified copies of:

  • all academic credentials (including school reports and official examination certificates)
  • Results of English tests or other proof of English proficiency (if applicable)
  • a copy of any pertinent employment documentation (if applicable)

A certified copy of your birth certificate, passport, citizenship certificate, or visa is required as additional identification for Australian students.

Step 3: Any non-English documents must be accompanied by certified translations. Make sure to update any information you acquire under an old name with your present name. Copies could be authorized by:

  • The department responsible for maintaining the institution’s official records
  • a Public Notary or Justice of the Peace
  • a legitimate ECC representative.
  • a member of staff of a foreign High Commission, Embassy, or Consulate of Australia

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How to apply/Edith Cowan University IELTS requirement 2025

Give us a call

They are here to help you. Before starting the application process, you can contact one of the Student Enrolment Advisors at 1300 707 760 to go over any queries you might have and get assistance with your application. Every step of the way, our staff is here to support you:

Gather your documents

What you need to submit with your application will be determined by your student enrolment advisor. Transcripts, certificates attesting to prior education, and proof of job experience are frequently required documents for a solid application.

Apply now

To access the application system, click the “Apply Now” button below. The good news is that you can store the application and return to it later rather than having to finish it all at once. You will require the course name, code, and scanned, certified copies of all supporting documents to apply.


Contact details

270 Joondalup Drive
Joondalup WA 6027

Within Australia: 134 328
Outside Australia: (61 8) 6304 0000

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