RMIT University Courses 2025-2026

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RMIT University Courses 2025-2026

RMIT University Courses 2025-2026; RMIT University courses for international students

RMIT is a global university of technology, design, and business that offers undergraduate, graduate, and vocational courses. You can study online right away and on campus later due to their mixed learning strategy. To connect the curriculum with business needs, RMIT courses are jointly designed with business. Learn the useful abilities required to be successful in the workforce.

RMIT is a dual-sector university where you can study vocational courses that lead to undergraduate education through recognized pathway options. Additionally, some courses are only available to exchange and study abroad students that provide an understanding of Australian culture and society.

The course title, the semester it is offered, the level of study (for example, undergraduate for bachelor’s level and postgraduate for master’s level), and the RMIT School are all searchable criteria (which broadly reflect academic disciplines). Please be aware that all courses are based on availability and are subject to change at any time. Additionally, RMIT has the authority to deny admission to any course.

When selecting courses you need to:

  • Be sure you meet the requirements based on your academic record at your institution.
  • A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for the majority of Postgraduate programs.
  • Verify with your home institution whether your course choices and credit transfers are appropriate.
  • Make sure you have read the details below, including the early start date courses and course restriction information.

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 RMIT University Undergraduate programs

  • Bachelor of Design (Animation and Interactive Media)
  • Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)
  • Bachelor of Design (Digital Media)
  • Bachelor of Design (Games)
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)

RMIT University Postgraduate programs

  • Master of Animation, Games, and Interactivity
  • Master of Communication Design
  • Master of Design Futures
  • Master of Design Innovation and Technology

RMIT University Research programs

  • Master of Design
  • Ph.D. (Design)

RMIT University Communication Design

  • Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)
  • Master of Communication Design
  • Master of Design Futures

Digital Design

  • Bachelor of Design (Animation and Interactive Media)
  • Bachelor of Design (Digital Media)
  • Bachelor of Design (Games)
  • Master of Animation, Games, and Interactivity

Industrial Design

  • Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)
  • Master of Design Innovation and Technology

RMIT University Courses & Degrees

  • Advanced Product Management
  • Agile Delivery + Project Management
  • Agile For Project Management
  • AI Programming with Python
  • Brand + Content Marketing
  • Brand Experience
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Analytics and Visualisation
  • Business Analytics with SQL and Python
  • Content and Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Experience Strategy and Design
  • Cyber Security Risk and Strategy
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Privacy Management
  • Design and Develop an iOS App
  • Design Thinking for Innovation
  • Developing AI Strategy
  • Digital Delivery with Agile
  • Digital Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy + Campaigns
  • Front End Web Developer
  • Graphic Design + Content Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences)
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Business – Business Analytics minor
  • Bachelor of Business – Business and Technology minor
  • Bachelor of Business – Management and Change Major
  • Bachelor of Business – Marketing major
  • Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication Strategy
  • Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security
  • Graduate Certificate in Digital Transformation

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 RMIT University entry requirements 2025

For each level of study, there are minimum admission criteria, which include:

  • the minimum age requirement
  • the minimum English language requirement, and
  • the academic entry requirements (shown below by level of study).

RMIT University How to apply 2025

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Verify that you meet the entry requirements for the program. Requirements for Study Abroad:

  • studied for at least a full year at your home institution
  • least 2.0 GPA, 60%, or an equivalent grade (If you have a lower GPA, it will be evaluated individually)
  • satisfy the English language standards of RMIT.
  • be at least 18 years old at the time of application

GAP year requirements:

  • You must have successfully earned a senior secondary school qualification with a minimum grade point average of 65% (similar to an Australian Year 12).
  • satisfy the English language standards of RMIT.
  • be at least 18 years old at the time of application

Step 2: Choose the courses to study within the program

  • You must choose the courses you want to take for the program as part of your application. Consult the page on how to search for courses for help with this procedure.

Step 3: Collect the required documents

The following complete set of supporting documents should be submitted to prevent delays in the admissions process:

  • Passport
  • Certified copies of your completed and uncompleted academic records from any programs you have started, both in your native language and in English.
  • Certified copies of authentic diplomas or certificates of completion for any degrees earned, in both the original language and English
  • English proficiency evidence
  • Portfolio for any courses that are design-based (course codes starting with ARCH, GRAP, VART).
  • IT and computer science courses combined (you will be required to upload this form if you choose courses in the area of computer science and IT).

NOTE: After your application, you will have the option to upload your folio or IT form as an additional file. Please be aware that submitted documents won’t be returned.

Step 4: Submit your application

  • You can consult the study abroad application handbook (PDF, 4,300 KB) or apply directly online.
  • For help, get in touch with an authorized RMIT representative in your area.

After you apply

The policies and procedures of RMIT shall be followed in the evaluation of your application. Find out what comes next.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

Contact details

Phone: +61 3 9925 2000
Postal address: RMIT University, GPO Box 2476, Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia

Street address: 124 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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