The South African School of Motion Picture Online Application 2025-2026

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The South African School of Motion Picture Online Application 2025-2026

The South African School of Motion Picture Online Application 2025-2026 online application 2025-2026 undergraduate

Applications for studies at AFDA are now open for the 2025-2026 academic year. Details can be found below. Applications for the 2025-2026 academic year have started at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, also known as AFDA. The creative economy’s students go to AFDA for education. You can apply now if you wish to come to AFDA to study for an undergraduate degree, a higher certificate, or for postgraduate studies.

Therefore, all those who want to study must apply online for admission before the application closing date or deadline. On this page, you can find information on the South African School of Motion Picture and Live Performance’s online application requirements, the AFDA application form, how to apply online, AFDA registration dates, courses, and admission requirements, as well as the application fee and deadline.

When applying for admission, you should prepare all required documents. If you are still interested in pursuing a qualification at AFDA, you must apply as early as possible for the upcoming academic year. There are a few considerations to make before starting the application process.


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Document required to apply to AFDA / online application 2025-2026 undergraduate

  • Certified copy of ID / Passport
  • Certified copy of academic results/certificates
  • Bursary approval letter (if applicable)
  • Student Loan approval letter (if applicable)

AFDA  International student’s requirement

  • Certified copy of Study Visa
  • Proof of Medical Cover from a South
  • African Registered Medical Aid Scheme
  • Proof of Address in South Africa


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Entry into AFDA Higher Certificate courses/ online application 2025-2026 undergraduate

  • You must have completed your matriculation with a National Senior Certificate with a Diploma or Higher Certificate pass (South African Grade 12/Matric) to be eligible to enroll in a Higher Certificate course.
  • If you lack the aforementioned qualifications, you can still be able to pass the AFDA Entrance Exam.

Entry into AFDA Degree courses

  • You must have graduated with a National Senior Certificate (South African Grade 12 / Matric) and a Bachelor’s pass to be eligible to enroll in a three-year degree program at AFDA.
  • If you successfully finish the AFDA Higher Certificate course, you are eligible to enroll in an AFDA degree program.

Entry into Honours:

  • An acceptable undergraduate degree (NQF LEVEL 7) from a recognized institution Degree in Bachelor’s or Advanced Diploma

Entry into the Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation:

  • An approved undergraduate degree in the appropriate field (NQF LEVEL 7) Advanced Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree


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Programs offered at AFDA 

  • Higher Certificate in Radio & Podcasting
  • Higher Certificate in Performing Arts
  • Higher Certificate in Film, TV & Entertainment Production
  • Bachelor of Creative Writing
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium
  • Bachelor of Arts in Live Performance
  • BA Honours in Live Performance
  • BA Honours in Motion Picture Medium
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation
  • Postgraduate Master of Fine Arts


AFDA Online Application Steps and Procedure

  • Visit AFDA Official website ( )
  • On the Apply/Register tab, click
  • Upload All Necessary Documentation
  • Send in your Full Application (Make sure you filled in all information )
  • Clicking this link ( will take you to the Admissions tab.


Contact details

+27 (0) 11 482 8345
41 Frost Ave
Auckland Park 2092
South Africa

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