University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2025/2026

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University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2025/2026

University of Cambridge Application Acceptance Rate 2025/2026

The University of Cambridge is now accepting applications across the globe from prospective students. No matter your color, race, country of origin, ethnicity, or background, provided the applicant meets the admission requirements of the university, they are sure of admission. Applicants are advised to submit their applications before the application deadline. If you would like to enroll for the 2025 academic year at Cambridge University, your application must be submitted before 15 October 2024. Some programs and courses have limited spaces available, it is, therefore, necessary to apply early even before the application date.

Currently, the admission acceptance rate for the University of Cambridge is 21.7%. To ensure that everyone can thrive in the programs offered, all schools screen their candidates, but the University of Cambridge takes this process more carefully than most. Cambridge attempts to place the right students in the right programs by offering a variety of colleges and programs. Unsurprisingly, the requirements differ depending on the applicant’s country of residence.

Cambridge expects Year 12 and Year 13 students from the UK to enroll in three to four AS and A-Level courses, particularly in their core disciplines. Overall grades should be excellent (A*AA or A*A*A), although most universities permit variation when necessary. Students can focus on their main subject of study while still demonstrating the depth of their knowledge by completing three or four A-level courses.

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2025/2026

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Application Deadline 2025/2026

The timeline below outlines key application dates and deadlines for 2025 entry for an undergraduate course:

Deadline In September

  • Early September: UCAS Apply opens.
  • 15 September: LNAT registration deadline (for Law applicants)

Deadline In October

  • UCAS application deadline (6 pm UK time) is 15th October
  • The LNAT pre-registration assessment deadline (for Law applicants) is 15 October
  • My Cambridge Application deadline is 15th October, 6 pm UK time.

December 2024

  • The majority of interviews take place in the first three weeks of December (some may be a little earlier).

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Cambridge University January 2025 Application Deadline

  • Winter pool takes place and decisions are posted to applicants. A small number of applicants may be asked to take part in a further interview.
  • 25 January: Foundation Year application deadline.

Undergraduate Application Dates in March 2025

1 March:

  • Second round application deadline for mature students applying to a mature College (restrictions apply).
  • Extended deadline for mature students for Law to take the LNAT pre-registration assessment if applying to a mature College in the March application round.

University of Cambridge Postgraduate Application Deadline 2025/2026

For postgraduate courses, Cambridge University advises all applicants to apply as early as possible after doing sufficient research into the course, the funding available, and the University as a whole. There are two deadlines you need to consider for your application:

1. Course Deadlines

  • All courses have a deadline beyond which applications cannot normally be considered. However, you should not wait until the day of the deadline to submit your application or supporting documents as there is no guarantee that places will still be available at that point, and your application will be withdrawn if it is not complete by the deadline. Deadlines for submission are 11:59 pm (midnight) UK time on the stated date. Visit the course page of the courses you would love to study for the application deadline.

 2. Funding Deadline:

  • Three main funding deadlines apply to all three terms in the academic cycle: Michaelmas 2024, Lent 2025, and Easter 2026: You will need to submit your application by 23:59 GMT on the day of the relevant funding deadline.​ These deadlines relate mainly to University and UKRI funds. Departmental and College funding may have different deadlines. Make sure you check these carefully and make a note of them.

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2025/2026

  • For the 2025 academic year, the admission acceptance rate for the University of Cambridge is 21.7%.

University of Cambridge Application Fee 2025/2026

 Fee For Admission in Lent Term 2025 or Easter Term 2026:

  • If you are applying for admission in Lent Term 2025 or Easter Term 2026 you will need to pay an application fee of £75 before you can submit your application.

Application Fee For Admission in Michaelmas Term 2025 and beyond

  • If you are applying for admission in Michaelmas Term 2025, Lent, or Easter Term 2026 you will need to pay an application fee of £50 before you can submit your application unless you are applying for a Doctorate.

University of Cambridge Postgraduate Application Process 2025/2026

All postgraduate applicants applying for admission to Cambridge University for 2025 are to apply through the application portal by following the process below:

  • Visit the official website of Cambridge University
  • Go to the Course Directory and find the course you wish to apply for, then click the Apply Now button in the How to Apply tab.
  • All applications must be completed in English.
  • You can request your references in the Applicant Portal, and see when these have been received.
  • You must submit all required supporting documentation simultaneously with the rest of your application.
  • You can also apply for funding via the Applicant Portal.
  • There is an application fee charge for some applications, further information on which courses require an application fee, and any fee waiver schemes can be found. Payment must be made before you can submit your application. You can make the payment by providing your card details to the secure server when you submit your online application.
  •  Submit a separate application, with separate supporting documents, for each course you wish to apply for.
  • Your application will not be considered until all the supporting documentation, including references, has been provided.

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Application Process 2025/2026

The Cambridge application process is slightly different from other universities. You still need to apply through UCAS, however, at Cambridge University, the process starts earlier to give the University time to collect and consider all of the application information. The steps below will guide you through the process:   University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2023/2024

1. Choose A Course:

  • You’re going to be studying to a very high level for several years so make sure you choose a course you’re personally interested in and will enjoy studying! Check, also, that you meet the entrance requirements of the course you want to study.

2. Check Assessment Requirements:

  • Most applicants need to take a written admission assessment as part of the application process. Some applicants will also be asked to submit examples of their written work.
  • Please check the type of assessment required for your course as early as possible as some assessments require you to be registered before the UCAS application deadline (15 or 30 September).

3. Decide On Your College:

  • Where would you like to live when you’re here? In your UCAS application, you can apply directly to one of the 29 Colleges or make an open application.

4. Submit Your Application

You need to submit your UCAS application by 15 October (6 pm UK time) Cambridge University institution code is CAM C05. Please note:

  • Earlier or later deadlines may apply for Mature Students, Foundation Year, and Organ Scholarship applicants.
  • There’s an additional application form if you’re applying for the Graduate Course in Medicine.
  • You can’t apply to both the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford in the same year.
  • Some applicants will be required to submit an academic transcript.

Shortly after submitting your UCAS application, you’ll be emailed and asked to complete My Cambridge Application by 22 October 2024 (6 pm UK time).

5. Be Ready For Interviews:

  • Everyone with a good chance of being offered a place is invited to attend an interview. If you decide to apply, you can find videos and full information in the interviews section on what to expect and how to prepare.

6. Wait For The University’s Decisions:

  • The outcome of the University’s decision will be sent to you before the end of January.

 Contact The University Of Cambridge

  • Cambridge Admissions Office
  • Student Services Centre
  • New Museums Site
  • Cambridge
  • CB2 3PT
  • 01223 333308

The tuition fee for Home fee status students starting their first undergraduate degree in 2025 will be £9,250 for the year. The University is committed to providing world-class education and access to the very best teachers, resources, and support. Therefore, they invest significantly more than the government-regulated tuition fee for each student every year to ensure you get the most from your Cambridge education. Visit The Official Website Of Cambridge University For More Details.

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