University Of Western Australia Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

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University Of Western Australia Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

University Of Western Australia Acceptance Rate 2025-2026; University of Western Australia acceptance rate 2025 2026 GPA

The University of Western Australia is a prestigious institution of higher learning in Australia. This blog gives you an overview of the school and emphasizes the University of Western Australia’s acceptance rate for 2025–2026. It is not too difficult. Western has a 58% acceptance rate, which means that out of every 100 applications they get, admission is granted to slightly over half of them. You can enrol at Western University if your application is strong and you fulfil all the prerequisites.

Students who wish to attend the University of Western Australia must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 to have a reasonable chance of admission. If you are in Year 12, you may apply now for entrance in 2023. By completing your application, you will have one less thing to worry about and more time to concentrate on your final examinations.

Through UWA, students can apply directly. In addition to the Assured Pathways to Law, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Public Health, Teaching, and Translation Studies, apply for any of their undergraduate programs. Students can still analyze their year 12 results and receive an ATAR even if they don’t apply through TISC. Students can use their final Year 12 ATAR to apply directly to UWA courses or through TISC.

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The University of Western Australia required a document Entry Requirements 2025

Any name change and all qualifications listed on your application must be backed up by documentation.

  • Some, but not all, of this documentation can be obtained electronically through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC), which is the entry point for first-semester students. Your TISC application cover sheet, which is generated near the end of your online application, will let you know if you need to submit any paperwork.
    Once your application has been processed, TISC will contact you by email and ask for the documentation evidence from you if they are unable to electronically get your findings. Please carefully read the information in the TISC handbook. It describes what paperwork might be needed and how to submit it properly.
  • Applications submitted directly to the university for second-semester enrolment must include scanned original academic transcripts, proof of citizenship or permanent residency, and evidence of English language proficiency.

Postgraduate Entry/UWA Entry Requirements 2025

You must submit authentic transcripts of any degrees you have earned elsewhere than UWA, together with documentation of your citizenship or legal residency and your English language proficiency.

English language requirements/UWA entry requirements 2025

English is the language of instruction and evaluation at UWA. To be eligible for a spot, you must pass the university’s English language requirements.

The full list of options for completing the ELC requirement is provided below for both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework entrance to UWA. Certain courses may have more stringent requirements.

Be cautious to carefully verify as the ELC requirements for postgraduate research degrees vary.

English language assistance

The UWA Centre for English Language Teaching offers Academic English and Study Skills Bridging courses for international applicants who do not meet the English language requirement for direct admittance.

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Available courses/UWA entry requirements 2025

Students may apply for any of our comprehensive undergraduate degrees;

  • Bachelor of Arts: ATAR ≥ 75.00
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science: ATAR ≥ 80.00
  • Bachelor of Business: ATAR ≥ 75.00
  • Bachelor of Commerce: ATAR ≥ 80.00
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design: ATAR ≥ 75.00
  • Bachelor of Science: ATAR ≥ 75.00
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours): ATAR ≥ 98.00

Specialized undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (Honours): ATAR ≥92.00
  • Bachelor of Agribusiness: ATAR ≥ 80.00
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science: ATAR ≥ 80.00
  • Bachelor of Biological Science: ATAR ≥ 80.00
  • Bachelor of Chemistry: ATAR ≥ 80.00
  • Bachelor of Earth Sciences: ATAR ≥ 80.00
  • Bachelor of Economics: ATAR ≥ 85.00
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours): ATAR ≥ 80.00
    Bachelor of Environmental Science: ATAR ≥ 80.00

Combined bachelor’s degrees:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce: ATAR ≥ 88.00
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science: ATAR ≥ 88.00
  • Bachelor of Agribusiness and Bachelor of Science: ATAR ≥ 85.00
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Bachelor of Science: ATAR ≥ 85.00
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science and Bachelor of Science: ATAR ≥ 85.00

Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s (CBM) packages:

  • Bachelor of Economics and Master of Economics: ATAR ≥ 90.00
  • Bachelor of Science – Frontier Physics and Master of Physics: ATAR ≥ 96.00

Assured Pathways:

  • Assured pathway to Architecture: ATAR ≥ 92.00
  • Assured pathway to Juris Doctor (Law): ATAR ≥ 96.00
  • Assured pathway to Landscape Architecture: ATAR ≥ 92.00
  • Assured pathway to Public Health: ATAR ≥92.00
  • Assured pathway to Teaching (Primary): ATAR ≥ 80.00

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How to apply:/UWA entry requirements 2025

  • Visit the UWA Apply Portal and register for an account or login before beginning the application process.
  • Create a profile by clicking the “login” button in the top right corner of the website.
  • Click “start application” once you have created a profile and are on your dashboard.
  • In the ‘Applicant Type’ section:
  • Choose your degree, course location, entry point, and first major in the “Course Selection” section (only if required)
  • Answer the “extra questions” part in the “Course Details” section to be able to choose an ensured pathway.
  • Enter your high school information in the “Qualifications” area. Under “Secondary Education,” choose “ATAR / WACE / TEE (Western Australia)” from the Academic System selection.
  • Review your application and ensure that all of the facts you’ve supplied are accurate in the “Review and Submit” area.

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Phone: +61 8 6488 6000

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