Victoria University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

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Victoria University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

Victoria University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026; Victoria university acceptance rate 2025 2026 undergraduate

Many of the thousands of international students who attend the University of Victoria are enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Victoria has services to help international students adjust to living in a foreign country. There is no set acceptance rate at the University of Victoria for foreign students. Victoria’s estimated 63% overall acceptance rate makes it a relatively competitive school.

You must fulfil two different sorts of prerequisites for graduate admission at the University of Victoria. You must first satisfy both the general admission criteria set by Victoria’s Faculty of Graduate Studies and the specific program criteria specified by the academic unit. Therefore, before applying, make sure you meet all the academic requirements.

Depending on the individual program you are interested in, you will need a certain GPA to get admitted to the University of Victoria. Most admitted students have average GPAs in the low 80s. A GPA higher than 85% could be required for extremely competitive programs. You must fulfil both the prerequisites for that category’s general admission as well as the requirements specific to your selected course. Before starting your application, make a list of the tasks you must finish.

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Victoria University document required

You could be asked to submit copies of your academic transcripts and completion certificate if you studied in Australia. You’ll require certified copies(external link) of your academic records if you’ve studied abroad.
Your original documents can be sighted by staff at VUHQ (Student Service Centre), and copies can be certified for you.

Work and/or life experience

A copy of your most recent CV (resume) or Position Description may serve as proof of your previous employment or life experience (PD).
You might also need a letter of support from your employer explaining the details of your employment or volunteer work, including your duties and obligations.

Statement of interest (this is optional)

If you choose to submit a statement, it should explain why you want to enrol in the course, what you intend to accomplish via your studies, the kind of career path you want to take, and how your prior academic, professional, and personal experiences support your application.

Course-specific admission criteria

Additional selection tasks that must be completed or submitted as part of the application may be required for some courses. You are responsible for verifying this on the course page and completing all necessary duties by the deadlines for applications; otherwise, your application may not be taken into consideration. As application deadlines might vary, with some courses ending earlier than others, be sure to check the course page on the website for any course you are interested in.


  • The academic and English language criteria for international students at Victoria University (VU) must be met.
  • Verify that your degree meets the course’s international minimum academic standards
  • A recognized English language test must be taken no later than two years before you begin your study. Check the English language criteria (PDF, 47 KB) to discover if you qualify for an English-language exemption if the majority of the coursework for your qualification was taught in English.

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How to apply: Applying directly to VU

The majority of candidates can apply directly to VU. If you submit a straight online application to VU (via our Admissions Centre(external link)), they will send you an email to confirm receipt of your application and inform you of any extra documentation requirements.

Please explicitly identify the course you have applied for, your name, and your date of birth when sending supplementary information to VUHQ (Student Service Centre).


When the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) is operational, there are a few exceptions to the direct application policy. Candidates who meet either of the following criteria ought to apply or update their choices through VTAC(external link):

  • You are a current grade twelve student, and VTAC lists the course you want to take.
  • For the current intake, you have already applied VTAC.

Applying through VTAC

If their desired program is offered, current year 12 students must apply to the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC)(external link). Applicants who are not in year 12 may also choose to apply through VTAC.
More information on the VTAC application procedure and the deadlines for submitting course preferences may be found here.

You must send your documents directly to VTAC if you applied through them. Learn how to send VTAC documentation (external link).


You are considered a non-year 12 applicant if you:

  • have attempted or finished post-secondary study in the Certificate IV or above level in the past
  • have completed post-secondary coursework at Certificate IV or higher and are currently enrolled in an Australian or international Year 12 study or program (including the IB).
  • have not completed secondary education in Australia or abroad and have not enrolled in post-secondary studies at the Certificate IV level or higher.


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Days: Monday-Friday
Hours: 8.30 am–5 pm

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