University of Wollongong Application 2025-2026

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University of Wollongong Application 2025-2026

University of Wollongong Application 2025-2026; UOW application status

University of Wollongong Application 2025-2026/ UOW application status

Congratulations on choosing to attend UOW for your studies! They are here to encourage your decisions and assist you in pursuing your ideal profession. You’ll be joining a group of students at UOW who are all striving to achieve the same goal: joining a group of graduates who are acknowledged by international employers as being among the finest in the world.

You have the choice of applying directly to UOW or enlisting the aid of an education agent in your area to ensure the smoothest application process possible. International students may apply to UOW through UAC if they are enrolled in an Australian secondary school. You will learn the results of your application, whether you apply directly or through a UOW international representative, in two to four weeks for coursework programs and up to six weeks for research programs.

Use the online application form if you want to self-prepare your application and apply to UOW directly. For online applications, there is no application cost. You can apply to the University Admissions Center if you intend to attend university after earning your High School Diploma (HSC) or International Baccalaureate (IB) (UAC). UOW application status

Your offer of admission letter will be sent to you via email if your application to study at UOW is accepted. This letter serves as formal notification that you have been accepted for admission to UOW and, if necessary, a UOW College Australia academic or English preparation program


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Document Requirements

Your application must be accompanied by clear scans of your original academic records, grade reports, or transcripts from previous coursework. Documents written in another language also need to have official English translations.
The academic transcripts must reflect:

  • all courses are taken up until the moment of application submission
  • earned grades (including failures)
  • stages attained or credentials acquired.

Evidence of graduate status should show that the course’s academic criteria have been met or that the award has been granted. The University reserves the right to seek original or certified copies of any papers from the applicant.
The University also reserves the right to request confirmation from the institution that issued the document as to its authenticity.


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Entry requirements

At UOW, they are aware of a wide range of pathways that meet these demands. The entry paths page contains details on the possible pathways. Some UOW undergraduate courses have additional requirements for enrolment. Additional requirements must be satisfied to apply for the following courses.

Bachelor of Performance

Academic performance and audition results are combined to determine admission to the Bachelor of Performance and Theatre (Acting) program. All applicants must perform in front of the panel during the audition to show off their skills and potential for success in the program.
Visit the performance audition page for more details and to apply.

English Language requirements

If English is not your first language and you are a domestic student, you must show proof that you have met the university’s English language requirements. You may be able to satisfy the University’s English language requirements if you have recently finished an academic qualification that was conducted exclusively in English in a nation where English is the official language.


Entry requirements to study at UOW-International

Before enrolling, you must fulfill a set of entry requirements for each UOW course. This covers both academic prerequisites and English language proficiency.

On each course information page on Course Finder, under the heading “Admission, Key dates, and Fees,” check for the “International students” tab to find the entrance requirements for each UOW course.

English language requirements

You must prove that you meet the UOW English language requirements for your selected course to be admitted to UOW. Search for the “International students” tab under the “Admission, Key Dates, and Fees” title on the relevant course information page on Course Finder to find the language requirements for each course. English needs can be met by:

  • Standard English Tests
  • Alternative English Tests (during COVID-19 disruptions only)
  • Previous Study in English
  • Citizenship of Specific countries


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How to apply

Apply directly to UOW

Use the online application form if you want to prepare your application yourself and apply directly to UOW. Applications submitted online are free of charge.

Apply online

Use UOW ApplyOnline to submit your application for bachelor’s, postgraduate, and research courses. For online applications, there is no application cost.

Applying through a UOW representative or agent

The preparation of required documents, formal acceptance, and visa application are all tasks that a UOW international agent in your country can help with. See Agent List to find the agent who serves your area the closest.

Applying through UAC

International students who are enrolled in a secondary school in Australia may choose to apply to the Universities Admissions Centre.

For more details, click here


Contact details

Northfields Ave Wollongong, NSW 2522 Australia
Phone: 1300 367 869
International: +61 2 4221 3218
Switchboard: +61 2 4221 3555

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