Western Sydney University Courses 2023-2024

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Western Sydney University Courses 2023-2024

Western Sydney University Courses 2023-2024; western Sydney university level

Western Sydney University Courses 2023-2024

Western Sydney university level

If you’re considering attending school, Western Sydney University provides a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and research opportunities on campuses around Greater Western Sydney. You can advance in your profession by enrolling in an online course at Western Sydney University. You can earn a qualification through their flexible online learning without having to postpone other career or family obligations.

Six additional online courses are available through Western Sydney University, although they follow the on-campus university term dates rather than the teaching periods for Western Sydney University Online. Use the Western Sydney University Course Search Engine after choosing a course (opens in a new window) Find out detailed information, such as academic entry requirements, course structures, and subject descriptions, about the course you want to apply to by clicking the link that opens in a new window.

To ensure that students have access to a wider variety of top-notch undergraduate and postgraduate possibilities, Western Sydney University invests in offering additional study options, pathways programs, and support services.


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Western Sydney University Courses

Bachelor degrees – undergraduate study

  • Arts courses
  • Business courses
  • Creative Industries courses
  • Engineering and Built Environment courses
  • Forensics courses
  • Health and Sports Sciences courses
  • Information and Communications Technology courses
  • Law courses
  • Medicine courses
  • Nursing courses
  • Criminology and Policing courses
  • Psychology courses
  • Sciences courses
  • Social Sciences courses
  • Teaching and Education courses
  • Tourism and Urban Planning courses

Masters degrees – postgraduate study

  • Arts and Humanities Courses
  • Business Courses
  • Communication, Design, and Media Courses
  • Engineering and Built Environment Courses
  • Health Science Courses
  • Information Technology and Computing Courses
  • Law Courses
  • Nursing Courses
  • Medicine Courses
  • Psychology Courses
  • Research Studies Courses
  • Science Courses
  • Social Science Courses
  • Teaching and Education Courses
  • TESOL, Interpreting and Translation Courses
  • Therapeutic Studies and Counselling Courses


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Supporting documentation

When requesting a Disruption to Studies provision or applying for a deferred test, for example, you may be asked to provide the University with supporting documentation or documentary evidence. It is insufficient to just write yourself a letter stating your situation and submit it as proof. You are required to offer proof of your claims in the form of independent documents.

You must make sure that your supporting documents are signed, dated, and printed on official letterhead (if applicable). Your supporting documents must demonstrate how your circumstances got worse after the relevant census date if the circumstances persisted previously to that date.

  • Medical reasons
  • Family or personal reasons
  • Employment-related reasons
  • Program-related reasons


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Entry requirements- Academic Entry Requirements

Academic performance is the primary criterion for admission to Western Sydney University, which is extremely difficult. The same requirements as Australian citizens apply to international students. The following requirements are the minimum thresholds for eligibility, and you shouldn’t assume that just because you meet them, you’ll be given a spot at the university.

It should be noted that some courses may have more stringent admission standards. These are merely suggestions. Consult the manual online (opens in a new window) the specific prerequisites for each degree program are available in a separate window. Additionally, some programs could ask for documentation of relevant job experience.


Apply to study at Western Sydney University

Online Application System

International students can use the International Online Application System to submit an application for admission and attach any supporting documentation (with the exception of research students) (opens in new window) the new window will open.

International Higher Degree Research Applicants

Through the how-to-apply pages, international students who are interested in Higher Degree Research (HDR) programs can submit an online application for admission. Visit the HDR scholarships page to learn more about available scholarships.

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Contact details

Student Central Infoline 1300 668 370
+61 2 9852 5656 if calling outside Australia

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