Australian Catholic University Tuition Fees 2025-2026

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Australian Catholic University Tuition Fees 2025-2026

Australian Catholic University Tuition Fees 2025-2026; ACU fees 2025

By choosing ACU, you receive more than a top-notch education at a reasonable cost. You have the assurance that you will know your tuition cost before you begin and the opportunity to study at a variety of campuses throughout Australia. Depending on the course you choose and the placement offer, your fee will vary. But don’t worry; they are available to assist you at every turn and their fees are open and simple to understand.

They are aware that unexpected fee increases are unacceptable. Because of this, their foreign fees are fixed for the minimum number of weeks of your study. To ensure that there are no surprises throughout your stay with them, they have made it simple to understand their foreign tuition fees. The payment procedures are straightforward, and assistance and support are available.

It costs a lot of money to attend school. Learn how to comprehend your university fees, determine your eligibility for financial aid or scholarships, and find out what extra costs you might pay. You are regarded as a domestic student if you are an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, a holder of a humanitarian visa, or a citizen of New Zealand. Learn more about the Higher Education Loan Program and domestic fee rates (HELP).

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Australian Catholic University How much your fees cost in 2025

The following criteria will be used to determine your tuition costs:

  • course type (eg undergraduate, postgraduate coursework)
  • cost per individual unit (eg Midwifery Foundations, Painting)
  • type of placement offer (eg domestic fee-paying, Commonwealth-supported)

These costs are only for tuition. They exclude extra fees including living expenses, student services, amenities fees, textbooks, supplies, and equipment.

Understand the payment process

If you are enrolled in a CSP and qualify for HECS-HELP, you may be able to receive a 10% discount on your student contribution as of January 1. You can make an upfront payment or payments on or before the census date totalling $500 or more to earn a reduction of 10% off the upfront payment you make if you have chosen to postpone your costs to the ATO using HECS-HELP.

Your remaining HECS-HELP balance will be deferred to the ATO after your payment(s) and discount have been subtracted. You will receive an invoice reflecting the 10% discount and the remaining 90% amount to be paid upfront by the payment due date if you are eligible for HECS-HELP but have chosen to pay all of your fees upfront to ACU. Learn about the available payment methods and under what conditions you might be eligible for a refund.

Australian Catholic University Fees 2025

ACU offers both fee-paying and Commonwealth-supported spaces. Students have furthermore assessed a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). For more details on the SSAF, go to Other Expenses.

For details on overseas tuition costs, contact the International Education Office.

Australian Catholic University Domestic Tuition Fees

ACU tuition fees (per 10 credit point unit) for fee-paying students:

Discipline Tuition Fee
Undergraduate and postgraduate units are not specifically listed below. $1,930
Postgraduate units in Education, Educational Leadership Theology, and Philosophy $2,266
Undergraduate and postgraduate units in Counselling, Visual Arts, Science
Undergraduate units in Psychology
Undergraduate units in Nursing, Midwifery
Undergraduate and Postgraduate units in Paramedicine
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
Graduate Diploma in Psychology
Undergraduate and Postgraduate units in Business, Commerce, Information Systems, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, Law $3,500
Undergraduate and Postgraduate units in Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy $3,003
Postgraduate units in Nursing, Midwifery, Exercise Science, Health
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Units in Public Health
ACU College Non-Award Higher Education $950
Master of Psychology (Clinical)
Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate units in Occupational Health, Finance $2,500
Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Risk $3,300
Foundation Studies Program $1,250
Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice $2,770
Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture $2,400
Master of Professional Psychology
Graduate Certificate in Family and Systemic Therapy
Master of Family & Systemic Therapy
Domestic Fee-Paying Research $5,464 (per 0.25 EFTSL)
Non-award units The same rate applies to units in relevant disciplines and level
Auditing of units $9003

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Australian Catholic University How to Apply Undergraduate Students 2025

You should be aware that this information is only for domestic undergraduate applicants.

1. Choose your course

Browse the list of undergraduate courses to choose the program that’s best for you. Browse by study area, subject, or course type.

2. Check eligibility and closing dates

Once you’ve decided on a course, it’s critical to assess your application style and determine whether you match the prerequisites. If you just graduated from school, you can also find out more about the admissions processes and ATAR adjustment factors.

3. Browse scholarships and entry schemes

Please take a moment to check to see if you qualify to apply for any of these scholarships. You are welcome to apply for as many of the almost 400 scholarships they provide each year as you desire.

4. Gather your documents

To start your application, you’ll need the following things and supporting documents:

  • Personal email address: Use the email address that you use to check the most. Avoid using your school email because you can lose access soon after the last lesson.
  • High school results: Details about your Year 11 and Year 12 school grades as well as your Tertiary Entrance Statement will need to be provided.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV): A copy of your most recent CV must be submitted along with your online application if you need to demonstrate job experience to enrol in your selected course.
  • Proof of name change: If your credentials or transcripts are listed under a different name, you must present documentation of the name change (eg, a marriage certificate).

5. Apply

A state’s Tertiary Admissions Center is where the majority of undergraduate course applications are filed (TAC). Each state’s TAC runs a centralized application system, offering potential students guidance and support.

On the applicable TAC website, you can apply for admission to your desired undergraduate program and campus:

  • Visit the Universities Admission Center to learn more about the courses offered at our campuses in Canberra, North Sydney, and Strathfield (UAC)
  • Visit the Queensland Tertiary Admission Center to learn more about the courses they offer at their campus in Brisbane (QTAC)
  • Visit the Victorian Tertiary Admission Center to learn more about the programs offered at their campuses in Ballarat and Melbourne (VTAC)


Contact details ACU 

Call 1300 275 228
SMS 0427 522 268
Online inquiry AskACU

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