Bond University Tuition Fees 2023-2024

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Bond University Tuition Fees 2023-2024

Bond University Tuition Fees 2023-2024; Bond university application fee

Bond University Tuition Fees 2023-2024

Bond university application fee

The cost of tuition varies according to your chosen degree and whether you are an Australian or an overseas student. Each year, Bond University reviews its fees, which are subject to change without prior notice. The mentioned fees reflect the tuition costs for the relevant year. The tuition fee for all coursework degrees is assessed by subject.

Australian and New Zealand citizens who match the eligibility requirements can find information about the Fee-Help Loan and SA-Help Loan. Information about international financial help is accessible in the Country Support section for people who are not Australian citizens. Fees must be paid at the start of each semester.

If an overseas student meets the following criteria, they will be given consideration for a full-fee paying domestic place in the same program after receiving Australian Permanent Resident status or Australian citizenship before the census date of the academic year in which they are enrolled. In addition to paying tuition in advance by the census date for the teaching term, students are required to provide original/certified documentary proof of their Australian Permanent Resident Status (visa date stamp in passport) or Australian citizenship certificate.

By the census date of their first teaching session, students who want to use FEE-HELP must complete the Request for Commonwealth Assistance Form. A student will continue to be an international student for that teaching period and be subject to the international student tuition fees if they are unable to satisfactorily fulfill all specified requirements by the census date. Bond university application fee


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Other costs

Books and study materials: At most campuses, the price of books, stationery, software, and other resources tends to be the same; the budget is about $300 every semester. Sell your old textbooks and purchase used books at the Bond Book Sale, which is held during O’Week prior to the start of each semester, to help offset these expenses.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

With the Bond University Student Services and Amenities Fee, campus services and amenities of a non-academic nature, such as sporting and recreational activities, student advocacy and legal services, employment and career advice, orientation activities, and food services, are to be funded in a fair and practical manner.

The Student Services and Amenities Fee also covers complete student access to the on-campus Sports Centre in addition to the programs and resources offered by BUSA. Along with all other fees, the Student Services and Amenities Fee is required at the beginning of each semester.
The following semester’s access for continuing students is carried over. When they are enrolled for their first semester, new students get access to facilities and services.

Program fees

The costs listed below are calculated by dividing the expected total program cost by the number of typical full-time semesters needed to complete the program. The subjects chosen and the number of subjects enrolled in each semester may affect the fees.

Semester program fee:

Students commencing study in 2023: $10,675* per semester average

Total program fee:
Students commencing study in 2023: $21,350

2023-2024 fees
Full-time students (study load of 30 credit points or more) $108.00 per semester
Part-time students (study load of less than 30 credit points) $81.00 per semester

Payment options

Students at Bond University who are Australian citizens or possess an Australian Permanent Humanitarian visa are qualified to postpone their Student Services and Amenities Fee under the SA-HELP loan program. By the census date of the semester, eligible students must submit the SA-HELP form via eStudent and supply their tax file number.

There is no administrative loan fee or interest associated with SA-HELP loans. The total HELP debt is annually indexed. The same terms that apply to other HELP loans will apply to repayment. After the census date for that semester, students who drop out of courses or programs are not entitled to refunds of previously paid tuition or remission of their SA-HELP debt.


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The Student Services and Amenities Fee is not required of students enrolled in Higher Degree by Research, online programs, Student for a Semester, or authorized outward exchange. These students, however, DO NOT have access to the variety of student activities, events, and services provided by BUSA and the Sports Center.

Students must pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee in order to use these services. Online payments may be made at The Sports Centre must then see proof of payment in order to grant admission.


If you do not have relatives or friends to live with you, you will need to set aside money for off-campus or on-campus housing. The cost of on-campus housing as well as details on off-campus lodging may be found in the Accommodation Fees.

With on-campus housing, a weekly cleaning and linen service is included.

Living allowance

The cost of on-campus housing includes the meal plan.
Personal things, social activities, transportation, and other living expenses should also be taken into account.


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Late payment penalties
Late payment of fees will incur the following penalties:

  • $350 late payment fee
  • Notice of Intention to Cancel Enrolment
  • The sanction will be applied to prevent further enrolment or access to transcripts etc.
  • iLearn, eStudent, emails & Library access will be canceled
  • Dining Card will be deactivated (if living on campus)
  • Results will be withheld


Contact details

General Enquiries
+61 7 5595 1111
Program and Admissions
Australian: 1800 074 074
International: +61 7 5595 1024

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