Charles Darwin University Application 2023-2024

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Charles Darwin University Application 2023-2024

Charles Darwin University Application 2023-2024; Charles darwin university fees

Charles Darwin University Application 2023-2024

Charles darwin university fees/ Charles Darwin University Application 2023-2024

Are you a student who desired to study abroad? For all students out there, this is the ideal chance. Australia’s Charles Darwin University is now accepting applications for the class of 2023-2024. Online submission of applications is required through the application portal. For your online account to be created, you must have a valid email address. Once your application has begun, you can save it and continue working on it later. When you apply online, there is no application charge.

International students from all over the world are supported by CDU through a diverse and substantial range of scholarships. You will need to apply online if you want to study at CDU. You have two options for applying: directly or through the nearby CDU Education Agent. You can choose from a variety of choices at CDU to finish your research degrees. Charles darwin university fees

By applying to CDU, you can pursue your Higher Degree in Research (HDR) while receiving support from research supervisors who are authorities in their disciplines and studying in a distinctive and exceptional region of Australia. There is a study path for everyone at CDU.
Discover the course offerings, student profiles, admission requirements, and study options so you can confidently submit your application. Charles darwin university fees


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Specific application information for/ Cdu application form 2023-2024

International students

If you’re a foreign student, the application process differs a little. We have put up simple, step-by-step guidance on how to apply for a program at CDU.

Higher Degree by Research

Checking that you match the entry requirements and locating a suitable research supervisor or project are the first steps in the application process for domestic applicants seeking a Higher Degree by Research (HDR).


Documents for my application?

To support your application, you might need to provide documentation. SATAC can access the majority of study records, although they might need to get in touch with you to ask:

  • High School Certificate
  • Certificate of completion for courses completed since high school.


Academic entry requirements/ Cdu application form 2023-2024


The completion of a qualification deemed equivalent to an Australian Year 12 by the University’s qualification assessment references is the minimum academic entry requirement for admission to an undergraduate degree.
Additionally, applicants might need to meet certain course prerequisites or grade requirements, such as a minimum overall grade. The most common equivalencies accepted by CDU are listed here.


The completion of a bachelor’s degree that is judged by the University’s qualification assessment references to be equivalent to an Australian bachelor’s degree is the minimum academic entry requirement for admission to a postgraduate or graduate-entry degree.

Additionally, applicants might need to meet certain course prerequisites, knowledge criteria, or job experience requirements, such as a minimum overall grade.

English language entry requirements

English entry requirements at CDU can be met in two ways:

Option 1: Take one of the following English language tests; however, some courses may call for more advanced English proficiency or only accept certain English language tests.

  • PTE
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
  • Common European Framework Certificate of English Proficiency

Option 2: demonstrating that you have already finished English-language coursework. The level and/or length of qualification needed to satisfy CDU’s English admission criteria are listed in the table below. Some courses may not accept previous English study as an alternative to the English requirement.


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Application methods/ Cdu application form 2023-2024

There are two ways to apply to study at CDU:

  • via a tertiary admission center (SATAC or UAC) or
  • directly on our website.

Where you live and where you previously attended school will affect how you apply. If you are a new student at CDU and reside in the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, or the Australian Capital Territory, you should apply through SATAC. If you reside in New South Wales, you should apply through UAC. You may be able to apply through SATAC if UAC has closed applications.

If you’ve studied at CDU before

If you have finished or are about to finish one of the following, you can apply immediately through the online portal, MyNextCourse, for the majority of courses:

  • Certificate IV or above
  • Tertiary Enabling Program (except for TEP1) or Preparation for Tertiary Success (PTS)
  • Undergraduate degree.

If you have completed a different course at CDU, submit your application using:

  • SATAC if you reside in the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, or the Northern Territory.
  • If you reside in New South Wales, use UAC. You might be able to apply via SATAC if UAC applications have already closed.


How to apply through SATAC/ Cdu application form 2023-2024

  • Explore SATAC Course Search
  • Register with SATAC
  • Complete your application
  • Accept and enroll

How to apply through UAC

  • Explore UAC Course Search
  • Register and complete your UAC application
  • Accept and enroll

How to apply through MyNextCourse

  • Check your course is eligible for MyNextCourse
  • Register with MyNextCourse
  • Complete your application
  • Accept and enroll


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Steps to applying at CDU/ Cdu application form 2023-2024

Simply follow these simple steps to apply to study with CDU

Step 1: Choose your course

  • From the list of classes offered to overseas students, pick one. The costs for each course for that year are listed for each course.
  • Make sure the “international” search filter is selected. This will guarantee that courses that are open to study abroad will be displayed.

Step 2: Check the entry requirements and application dates

  • You can see the academic and English course entry criteria online.
  • There are alternative routes you can take if you haven’t attained the level necessary for enrolment in your preferred course.

Step 3: Apply online or through an agent

  • Through the application portal, applications must be submitted online. To set up your online account, you must have a working email address. You can save and restart your application at a later time once you’ve started it. When submitting an online application, there is no charge.
  • You can submit an application directly. There can be limitations on your geographic location, though. Apply through one of the registered agents if you are unable to do so directly through the application page.

Step 4: Application assessment

  • Please be aware that meeting the minimal entrance requirements for a course does not ensure that you will be given the opportunity to study at CDU.

Step 5: Receive an offer

  • A Conditional Letter of Offer
  • An Unconditional Letter of Offer

Step 6: Accept your offer

  • Signed copies of the Terms of Agreement (included in your Letter of Offer) must be uploaded directly to the application portal.
  • Directly submit the payment receipt and any other necessary papers to the application portal.

Step 7: Apply for your student visa

  • You have a set of obligations associated with your visa rules as a holder of an international student visa, and you are required to familiarise yourself with these obligations and visa requirements.
  • As soon as you have a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) for a full-time program at CDU, you can submit an application for a student visa.

Step 8: Enrol

  • Set yourself up as a student and enroll in the units suggested in your course study plan before you start your studies.
  • They kindly ask that you activate your student account so that you may view your enrolment. You can log onto the CDU Portal once your student account has been activated. Select My Student Info, go to My Enrolment, and then proceed as directed.


Contact details

T: +61 08 8946 6666
Free call: 1800 061 963

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