Federation University Australia Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

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Federation University Australia Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

Federation University Australia Acceptance Rate 2025-2026; Federation University Australia Acceptance Rate 2025 2026 undergraduate

The acceptance rate at Federation University is high, and the tuition is reasonable. Additionally, the university provides prospective students with a variety of scholarships to help with tuition and other expenses. Depending on the student’s field of study, degree level, nation of residence, and other factors, admission policies and acceptance rates may change.

There is a higher employment rate at Federation University because of its strong ties to well-known enterprises. Numerous students are ready to apply there because of its acceptance rate. Although it may vary slightly for international students, the admissions process is essentially the same for all applicants. Numerous courses at various levels of study are offered by Federation University.

The cost of these courses varies depending on the subject and is varied for both domestic and international students. However, FedUni’s scholarship program helps them pay their tuition. The Federation University of Australia’s acceptance rate for international students in 2025–2026 is 48%, making it strict and less selective while still accepting only deserving candidates.

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What to include with your application

  • copies of the results of your higher education transcripts.
  • If necessary, provide proof that you have completed your prior studies, such as a letter of completion, a certificate or testamur, or an academic transcript with proof of completion.
  • any requirements for admission that are necessary for the programs you are applying to.
  • Proof of any name changes between the outcomes or qualifications you list and the name you are applying under.
  • If you were born abroad, you must provide proof of your citizenship or permanent residency.

Federation University Academic entry requirements

Before receiving a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Higher education – Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students are evaluated based on their performance in the Australian Year 12 or other comparable international school exams. To determine whether your high school diploma is equivalent to the Australian Year 12, visit the Country-Specific Entry Requirements (pdf, 194kb). Qualifications from nations not on the list will be evaluated individually.

Higher education – Postgraduate by coursework

Depending on the program, different entry criteria apply. Still, in general, an Australian bachelor’s degree or an international equivalent must be completed with a minimum grade (or mark) in the pertinent subjects. Some programs may additionally call for a year of job experience after graduation. Please consult the International Program Guide (pdf, 3.4 MB) or the Course Finder for details on the prerequisites for your preferred program.

English language requirements

For enrolment into a program at Federation University Australia, applicants must meet the minimal English language requirements. An academic IELTS Overall score of 6.0 with no band lower than 6.0 or an equal is required for studies like business and general science.
Refer to the Course Finder for more details; some programs, like IT, will have a lower need while others will demand higher scores.

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How to apply – Undergraduate

Apply using the direct application on a desktop computer if you are only applying to Federation University.

Apply through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Center if you apply to multiple institutions (VTAC).

The next step

The timetables for VTAC offers will be followed by candidates, with requests being sent out by VTAC itself. If you are extended a VTAC offer, they will email you an offer letter with instructions on how to accept and enrol.

  • After reviewing your application, they will email you to let you know the results.
  • If your application is accepted, they will send you an email with instructions on how to accept the offer and enrol if it is.
  • If your application is rejected, they will send you an email to let you know. You’ll receive recommendations in the email to help you improve future applications to the program.

Contact details

Phone: 1800 333 864

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