Flinders University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

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Flinders University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

Flinders University Acceptance Rate 2025-2026; Flinders University Acceptance Rate 2025 2026 undergraduate

Flinders University has become more well-liked among potential students in recent years as a smaller university alternative. The university’s high average acceptance rate makes it the best option for those who have applied to several colleges and have decided that Flinders University is the best fit. Find out more about the Flinders University acceptance rate 2023-2024, the Flinders University tuition fees for international students, the Flinders University ranking in the world, and the Flinders University scholarships.

Those desiring to attend Flinders University in Australia may do so through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Center (SATAC). Good ATAR and GPA scores allow international students to qualify for a variety of scholarships that can cover up to 50% of their tuition. Flinders University is a moderately competitive university with an acceptance rate of 62%.

According to the courses that are offered at the time, Flinders University accepts students throughout the year. For more specific information, international students must speak with the International Centre. There are, however, deadlines for some courses. It is advised that international students begin the admissions process well in advance of the start of the semester to guarantee a smooth application process and adequate time for visa processing.

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Flinders  Entry requirements

You must meet the prerequisite academic and English proficiency standards to be granted direct admission to Flinders University.

Academic entry requirements


You must have completed a recognized secondary education certificate in Australia or abroad and meet the English language competence standards to be admitted directly to an undergraduate program at Flinders.


You must pass both the academic entry requirements and the English language competency standards before you may enrol in a postgraduate study at Flinders University.

English language entry requirements

In addition to meeting the prerequisites for the course, you must also complete the English language entry requirements if English is not your first language.

How to apply

Step 1: Select your course or program

Browse the study areas or do a course search. Would you like to apply for a Higher Degree through Research? (HDR). Examine your alternatives.

Please be aware that some of the courses have limited enrolment, and applications may close at any time.

Step 2 – check entry requirements

  • You must confirm that you can enter according to the requirements.
  • You need to apply with proof of your ability to meet the academic and English language criteria. With your application, you must include certified original genuine copies of all relevant documents.
  • You might want to think about finishing one of the pathway or preparation programs if you can’t meet the academic or English language criteria of the course you want to enrol in.
  • Applying for a Higher Degree in Research (HDR) interests you? Review the eligibility requirements.

Step 3 – check eligibility for credit

  • You can be eligible for advanced standing toward your Flinders University degree if you have prior credentials. To find out if you qualify, examine the credit transfer database. Make sure to indicate in your application that you wish to have your credit transfer request evaluated.

Step 4 – find an agent

  • The application procedure is one that many students find more convenient to be helped with by an agent.
  • Certain international students are required to submit their applications through an authorized Flinders agent.
  • Here is the complete list of nations that demand agent assistance.
  • Please get in touch with them for more information if there isn’t an agency in your nation.

Step 5 – apply online

Depending on your situation, you can apply to Flinders University in a variety of ways:

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I am an international student currently studying Australian Year 12

The application must be made through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Center for international students currently enrolled in Australian Year 12. (SATAC).

I am not an international applicant studying Australian Year 12

You have two options for applying to study at Flinders University: through an authorized representative in your nation, or directly. To determine whether you require an Education Agent to help you with your application, refer to Step 4.

Step 6 – obtain certified documents

All academic records that are electronically submitted to Flinders must be certified. Candidates from certain nations, additionally need certified copies of their passports. Original documentation can be delivered in person or by mail, but cannot ensure that it will be returned.

Persons authorized to certify documents within Australia include:

  • a Justice of the Peace (currently registered in Australia)
  • a barrister or solicitor
  • a police officer
  • an employee of Australia Post
  • a Flinders International staff member
  • an official Flinders University agent.

Persons authorized to certify documents outside Australia include:

  • an Australian Embassy official or Australian Consular official
  • the registrar of the university that issued the transcript or parchment
  • a Flinders University staff member
  • an official Flinders University agent
  • a Notary Public (excluding India and Nepal).

Step 7 – submit your application and documents

Before submitting your application, you will need to upload all necessary documents, so make sure you have them prepared. The following file types can be uploaded: PDF, JPEG, TIF, and GIF. Find an agent in your nation if you need help completing your application.

Step 8 – your application is now complete

When Flinders University receives your application, they will email you and/or your agent to let you know. Take great note of the Flinders University Application Number in the email since you will need to reference it in any correspondence while your application is being reviewed.


Contact details

Phone: (08) 8201 2916
Email: newsdesk@flinders.edu.au
Mobile: 0427 398 713

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