Stanford Academic Calendar 2023-2024

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Stanford Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Stanford Academic Calendar 2023-2024; Stanford spring break 2023

Stanford Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Stanford spring break 2023

The public, potential students, and existing students can check the Standford University Academic Calendar for 2023–2024, which provides information on deadlines, enrollment dates, and dates for registering for courses. The Stanford academic calendar for 2023–2024 is listed here along with key events and deadlines, Holidays, significant dates on the academic calendar for the study of law, and deadlines for the academic calendar of the Stanford Graduate School of Business are also included.

The quarter system is used at Stanford University. At other schools and universities, the quarter system is an alternative to the semester and trimester systems. Typically, quarter systems last 10 weeks. The academic year is divided into four equal-length semesters (about 10 weeks of instruction, including exams). They are Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

Stanford University Academic Calendar Autumn 2023

  • Stanford University Autumn First Day Of Classes begins Monday 25-September 2023-2024
  • Thanksgiving Week for Stanford University Autumn is from Monday 20- Friday 24 November 2023-2024
  • Stanford University Autumn End-Quarter Week start from Monday 4-Sunday 10 December 2023-2024
  • Stanford University Autumn Exams start Monday 11-Friday 15 December

Stanford University Academic Calendar Winter 2023-2024

  • Stanford University Winter First Day Of Classes begins Monday 8-January
  • Stanford University Winter End-Quarter Week begins Monday 11 -Sunday 17 March 2023-2024
  • Stanford University Winter Exams are on Monday18 -Friday 22 March 2023-2024
  • Stanford University Spring Break starts Monday 25-Friday 29 March 2023-2024

Stanford University Academic Calendar Spring 2023

  • Stanford University Spring First Day Of Classes begins Monday 1-Apr 2023-2024
  • Stanford University Spring End-Quarter Week is from Friday 31 May-Thursday 6-June 2023-2024
  • Stanford University Spring Exams start 7-June-12 June 2023-2024
  • Commencement for Stanford University Spring is on 16-June 2023-2024

Stanford University Academic Calendar Summer 2023-2024

  • Stanford University Summer First Day Of Classes begins Monday 24-Jun 2023-2024
  • Stanford University Summer End-Quarter Week begins Saturday 10-Thursday 15 August 2023-2024
  • Stanford University Summer Exams start Friday 16 -Saturday 17 August 2023-2024


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