University of Aberdeen Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

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University of Aberdeen Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

University of Aberdeen Admission Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

The University of Aberdeen is renowned for its demanding curriculum.  As a result, university applicants can be sure that they will obtain a top-notch education.  The university also boasts a stunning campus that is situated in the Scottish Highlands.  The University of Aberdeen offers students the chance to travel to this breathtaking part of the world.
Aberdeen University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Taking courses pertinent to the programmes you are interested in is one of the best methods to increase your chances of being admitted to the University of Aberdeen. You can demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are committed to your studies by registering for classes that will offer you an advantage in your field of study.
Making sure that your application is thorough and free of errors is another crucial piece of advice given to all applicants to keep an eye on and by that, they may be admitted to the university. The admissions committee will carefully scrutinise your application, so check all the information before submitting it. Don’t forget to provide any other documents as requested by the University.
University of Aberdeen Admission Requirements For 2025-2026
If you are applying for an undergraduate program at the University of Aberdeen for the 2025-2026 academic year, the following requirements are required of you to gain admission:
  • National 5 at minimum grade C, or Standard Grade at minimum grade 3 in English (or equivalent)
  • National 5 Mathematics (or applications of Mathematics) needed for entry to Accountancy, Finance and Economics
  • You must submit a secondary school education (the equivalent of a U.S. high school diploma).
  • You should have excellent grades in your secondary or high school exams.
  • Applicant must have a passing score on, the SAT or ACT exam.
  • You must submit a personal essay and letters of recommendation as part of your application package.

University of Aberdeen Acceptance Rate 2025-2026

The acceptance rate for Aberdeen University for the 2025-2026 academic year is 78%.

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