University of Canberra Tuition Fees 2025-2026

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University of Canberra Tuition Fees 2025-2026

how much is the tuition fee at the University of Canberra, the University of Canberra Tuition Fees 2025-2026

When it comes to studying, there are a few different fees to take into account. The study expenses you’ll incur range from tuition and books to the Student Services and Amenities Fee and are determined by your student category as well as the subjects and methods you’ll be studying. Make sure to budget for your housing, food, and utility expenditures in addition to your study expenses because you’ll also need to account for living expenses while you’re a student.

In addition to any HELP loans for domestic students, tuition fees are determined by the units of study that you enrol in each semester. Depending on the course you’re taking and whether you’re an international or domestic student, your costs and the alternatives you have for making payments will change. You can be required to pay the whole amount of your tuition if you’re enrolled in cross-institutional studies, a non-award unit, or a postgraduate degree “by coursework.”

Domestic students who pay the full cost of the course are charged a domestic rate. Each year, tuition price schedules are created based on the number of students enrolled in full-time studies. You will only be charged for the courses you are taking each semester because tuition is calculated by unit. For instance, if you decide to enrol in a part-time study load, you will only be responsible for paying expenses for the units you take.

University of Canberra Domestic Tuition Fees 2025

A Commonwealth Supported Place is available to the majority of domestic undergraduate students as well as select postgraduate coursework students (CSP).

If you earn a CSP, the Australian Government will pay a portion of your tuition as a Commonwealth Supported Student (CSS). If you don’t qualify for a CSP, you can still be eligible for an Australian Government HELP loan to help you pay your tuition.

Even though they are considered domestic students, permanent residents are not qualified for HELP financial programs.

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University of Canberra International Tuition Fees 2025

You must pay your tuition upfront and in full at the start of each semester if you are an overseas student. The amount you pay varies depending on the degree you’re pursuing and is subject to annual indexation and review, as specified in your offer to study.
While studying in Canberra, you must additionally pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) and your living expenses.

How course costs add up

Each year, the cost of tuition for international students is evaluated. The costs assume full-time enrolment in classes.

Please review the research course expenses if you are an overseas student hoping to pursue a higher degree through research.

How unit costs add up

You must make a yearly payment for your education as an international student. You can break down the charges to see how much each unit will cost. The amount of credit points each unit is worth in terms of what it adds to your degree, as well as how much it costs, varies.
Higher percentages of your overall study load are represented by units with more credit points, which results in higher tuition costs.

The cost of a particular unit can be determined by calculating the Equivalent Full-Time Study Load (EFTSL) that the unit contributes to your degree. Calculate the approximate costs of individual units by following this step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Look up the course you want to take while noting the annual foreign tuition cost.

Step 2: Look up the unit you want to learn, noting the EFTSL as you go. Look at the study plan on the course information page to identify units that apply to a certain course.

Step 3: To determine the estimated cost of a unit, multiply the EFTSL by the annual tuition rate; for instance, 0.125 x AUD 8,400 = AUD 1,050.

To see the full-time duration of study and the credit point value of each unit, search for your course.

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University of Canberra Entry Requirements 2025

  • Academic requirements
  • English language requirements
  • Inherent requirements
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements

How to apply- University of Canberra 2025

The HDR Application Portal is now accessible online! Applications for Higher Degrees by Research courses submitted on paper will no longer be considered.

There are four steps to the online application process for the University of Canberra Higher Degree by Research courses.

Step 1

To register, click on the HDR Application Portal.

Step 2

Use the Eligibility Calculator to determine whether you are eligible to apply for a Higher Degree by Research.

Step 3

Submit a letter of interest (EOI). You will receive a review from the Faculty along with comments.
The Faculty can request a full application from you (an EOI must be approved before you are invited by the Faculty to submit a full application).

Step 4

Return to the HDR Application Portal after receiving an invitation, and submit a complete application.

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