University of New South Wales Tuition Fees 2023-2024

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University of New South Wales Tuition Fees 2023-2024

University of New South Wales Tuition Fees 2023-2024; UNSW fee remission


UNSW fee remission/ UNSW tuition fee 2023 international

Everything you need to know about university fees and other charges, as well as financial aid and student loans. A variety of services are offered by UNSW to help you comprehend their cost structure, as well as personnel assistance if you need it. You can choose from a variety of alternatives, including financial aid and scholarships, to get started.

The academic year in which you enroll in the course will determine the tuition fee you must pay. It’s vital to keep in mind that fees are evaluated annually and may surpass the suggested amounts, thus the suggested tuition fees stated above are not guarantees. Any fee adjustments take effect at the beginning of each calendar year. Other fees and levies are not included in the approximate fees stated below; they only apply to tuition. UNSW fee remission

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Tuition fees for domestic students-Undergraduate/UNSW tuition fee 2023 international

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs), which help defray the cost of undergraduate degrees, are available for the majority of programs. The student contribution is the sum that is left over.
Although eligible individuals can choose to take up a HECS-HELP loan that they must eventually return, they frequently choose to pay their student contribution ahead.

Visit Commonwealth Supported Fees to get the most recent student contribution prices.


Postgraduate degrees only qualify for a small number of CSPs. Learn more about the degrees that are Postgraduate Commonwealth Supported by visiting Understand Commonwealth Supported Places.

You may occasionally need to use the price of each course to figure out how much tuition will cost you.
For instance, you might prefer to study part-time, not have a CSP, or mix courses from other UNSW faculties into your degree.
Visit Domestic Student Fees for additional info.


Indicative tuition fees/UNSW tuition fee 2023 international

Each UNSW Global program you enroll in will have a price that you must pay.
The prices listed below are indicative, meaning that they could vary significantly based on the year you enroll, your course load, or your form of enrolment.

The costs listed below are all in Australian dollars and only apply to tuition.


  • Diploma in Architecture-$41,760
  • Diploma in Business-$42,900
  • Diploma in Computer Science-$41,760
  • Diploma in Engineering-$41,760
  • Diploma in Media & Communication-$39,450
  • Diploma in Science-$41,760

Foundation Studies

  • Transition Program (on campus)-$26,000
  • Transition Program Online-$15,960
  • Standard Program -$38,000
  • Standard Plus Program -$42,500
  • Extended Program-$48,500

Academic English

Program 2023 Fees ($AUD)
University English Entry Course (UEEC)  

$610 per week
10 weeks, $6,100
15 weeks, $9,150
20 weeks, $12,200
2022 November intake:

$570 per week
10 weeks, $5,700
20 weeks, $11,400


Foundation English Entry Course (FEEC) $610 per week
10 weeks, $6,100
Essential Academic English (EAE) $610 per week

10 weeks, $6,100

Tertiary Orientation Program 5 weeks, $3,050

Other costs

Additional expenses for your studies at UNSW Global, such as those for student services and amenities and health insurance coverage, may be incurred in addition to your tuition fees.
The prices listed below are all in AUD.

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Service Payable when you: Amount ($AUD)
Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) Are you an overseas student on a student visa? The amount depends on the length of your proposed enrolment period. $TBC
Airport pick-up fee Need UNSW Global to pick you up from the airport when you arrive. $150
Under 18 monitoring fee  

Are under 18 and have a CAAW letter from UNSW Global. Payable for the period specified in the CAAW.

$49 per week
Care arrangements/ Guardianship fee Are under 18 and need UNSW Global to approve your care arrangements and issue a CAAW Letter. $150
Late payment fee Miss paying a fee by its due date. $300
Administration fee Withdraw, transfer or change your class/stream more than once in Foundation Studies and English language programs. $300
Enrolment fee Accept your offer for Foundation Studies and English language programs. Packaged offers are only charged once. $300
Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF) Enroll in a Diploma Program. The fee covers non-academic services including counseling, career, and financial advice, health and food services, sports activities, and more.


International entry requirements

  • Completed a recognized qualification
  • Meet the required scores for your chosen degree
  • English language requirements

Undergraduate entry requirements

  • Accepted qualifications
  • Entry ranks for your chosen degree
  • Adjustment factors: HSC Plus, Access Scheme, EAPL
  • Admissions pathways – you are more than your ATAR.
  • Assumed knowledge & bridging courses


Applying for postgraduate study

Find your degree– Find the degree that’s ideal for you by exploring their elite offerings.

Check your dates- Check out the application and offer dates for the term of your choice.

Submit your application- Start by submitting a direct or postgraduate UAC application (only some programs)


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Applying for undergraduate study- Applying via UAC

Your application can be submitted in three easy steps.

Check your dates– See your UAC round’s application and offer deadlines.

Start your application- Utilize the UAC portal to create your application.

Select your preferences- Up to five study preferences can be chosen.

For more details click here


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