University of the Sunshine Coast Tuition Fees 2023-2024

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University of the Sunshine Coast Tuition Fees 2023-2024

University of the Sunshine Coast Tuition Fees 2023-2024; USC fees 2023



The tuition costs for overseas students attending the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2023–2024 are detailed on this page. Programs are arranged according to study level. For important information regarding tuition fees, please read the notes section. In terms of value for money, Australia excels. In comparison to the UK and the US, living expenses and tuition are typically less expensive. On average, Sunshine Coast residents pay less for living expenses than residents of numerous Australian cities.

University of the Sunshine Coast Tuition Fees 2023-2024/ USC fees 2023

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Important information about tuition fees/USC fees 2023

  • For international students with a Student visa, the only study option available is full-time study.
  • Annual tuition fees are calculated using 2023 rates and the comparable full-time student load according to the program’s advised study order. The actual enrolment load during a teaching period determines the fees that will be paid (excluding Study Abroad and Postgraduate Qualifying Pathway)
  • Total estimated tuition costs are based on 2023 rates and the minimal number of courses necessary for the program’s typical length of study.
  • For more details on the typical course enrolment during each teaching period, check the program’s recommended study plan.
  • Educate others: International new students are no longer accepted into the program. Fee details only for current international students.
  • The cost of tuition is evaluated every year. The charge that you must pay for a certain teaching period is the one that UniSC has approved for the year in which the teaching period starts.
  • There shall never be a tuition fee rise of more than 7% from one calendar year to the next.
  • Australian dollars (A$) are used for all mentioned prices.
  • Program specifics could change.
  • Refer to the academic calendars for a semester and trimester dates.
  • The Student Fees and Charges – Governing Policy contains information about possible administrative fees.
  • For information on potential course/program-related charges, visit the program website.
  • Refer to Student Fees, Charges, and Refunds – Procedure for details on UniSC’s refund policies.

University of the Sunshine Coast Tuition Fees 2023-2024


University of the Sunshine Coast Tuition Fees/USC fees 2023

CRICOS code Program Code Program or fee name Standard program length 2023 Indicative Annual Tuition Fee 2023 Estimated Total Tuition Fee
064624E AR201 Associate Degree in Arts 2 years $24,800 $49,600
064623F BU201 Associate Degree in Business 2 years $24,800 $49,600
064652A SC201 Associate Degree in Science 2 years $28,400 $56,800
107195F SC107 Diploma in Animal Ecology 1 year $24,400 $24,400
084894F BU101 Diploma in Business 1 year $22,900 $22,900
084895E AR115 Diploma in Communication 1 year $22,900 $22,900
0100425 AR109 Diploma in Criminology and Justice 1 year $22,900 $22,900
084896D AB101 Diploma in General Studies 1 year $22,900 $22,900
088627D ED112 Diploma in Outdoor Environmental Studies 1 year $24,300 $24,300
084897C AR111 Diploma in Social Sciences 1 year $22,900 $22,900
088628C SC110 Diploma in Sport and Fitness 1 year $22,900 $22,900
110842J SC012 Undergraduate Certificate in Animal Ecology 6 months $11,500 $11,500
108700H AR015 Undergraduate Certificate in General Studies 1 year $22,900 $22,900
085714G SC320 Bachelor of Animal Ecology 3 years $28,400 $85,200
096268M SB303 Bachelor of Animal Ecology/Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure, and Event Management) 4 years $26,800 $107,200
022806B AR301 Bachelor of Arts 3 years $24,800 $74,400
026637D AR401 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 1 year $26,800 $26,800
022805C AB301 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business 4 years $24,800 $99,200
022808M SA301 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science 4 years $26,800 $107,200
110837F SC308 Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) 3 years $26,800 $80,400
110838E SC407 Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) (Honours) 1 year $26,800 $26,800
110839D SA306 Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)/
Bachelor of Counselling
4 years $26,800 $107,200
110840M SA307 Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)/
Bachelor of Criminology and Justice
4 years $25,800 $103,200
066285C SC355 Bachelor of Biomedical Science 3 years $28,800 $86,400
022807A BU301 Bachelor of Business 3 years $24,800 $74,400
0101099 BU302 Bachelor of Business (Digital Futures) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
028849J BU401 Bachelor of Business (Honours) 1 year $26,800 $26,800
076977C BU342 Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
028845B BU331 Bachelor of Business (International Business) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
028847M BU341 Bachelor of Business (Management) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
028846A BU351 Bachelor of Business (Marketing) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
066415J BU362 Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure, and Event Management) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
110841K SB304 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) 4 years $25,800 $103,200
065673K BU355 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 4 years $24,800 $99,200
0101886 AB309 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Communication 4 years $24,800 $99,200
0101332 AB307 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Creative Industries 4 years $24,800 $99,200
0101883 AB316 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Criminology and Justice 4 years $24,800 $99,200
0101883 AB308 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Design 4 years $24,800 $99,200
022809K SB301 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Science 4 years $26,800 $107,200
0101884 AB315 Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)/Bachelor of Social Science 4 years $26,800 $107,200
098401F SC304 Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology 4 years $29,000 $116,000
066298J SC346 Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science [teach out] 4 years $28,400 $113,600
076978B BU356 Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
076979A BU357 Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning) [teach out] 3 years $24,400 $73,200
075467M BU402 Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) 1 year $26,800 $26,800
058396G AR342 Bachelor of Communication 3 years $24,800 $74,400
096506B AR408 Bachelor of Communication (Honours) 1 year $26,800 $26,800
098463C AR308 Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
098458M AR309 Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
098457A AR310 Bachelor of Communication (Social Media) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
0100676 SC305 Bachelor of Computer Science 3 years $28,400 $85,200
074094K AR375 Bachelor of Counselling 3 years $24,800 $74,400
096001E AR303 Bachelor of Counselling/Bachelor of Human Services 4 years $24,800 $99,200
080099K AR338 Bachelor of Creative Industries 3 years $24,800 $74,400
098464B AR305 Bachelor of Creative Industries (Creative Writing and Publishing) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
096507A AR407 Bachelor of Creative Industries (Honours) 1 year $26,800 $26,800
098460F AR306 Bachelor of Creative Industries (Screen Media) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
098459K AR307 Bachelor of Creative Industries (Theatre and Performance) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
074093M AR348 Bachelor of Creative Writing [teach out] 3 years $24,400 $73,200
059490A AR325 Bachelor of Criminology and Justice 3 years $24,800 $74,400
0100647 AR409 Bachelor of Criminology and Justice (Honours) 1 year $26,800 $26,800
064651B AR317 Bachelor of Design 3 years $24,800 $74,400
098465A AR312 Bachelor of Design (Game Design) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
098462D AR313 Bachelor of Design (Interactive and UX Design) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
098461E AR314 Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
084973G AR339 Bachelor of Design and Marketing [teach out] 3 years $24,400 $73,200
077419C ED303 Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) 4 years $24,800 $99,200
082693J AE304 Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts 4 years $24,800 $99,200
088624G ED315 Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Recreation and Outdoor Environmental Studies 4 years $25,900 $103,600
082694G SE303 Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Science 4 years $25,900 $103,600
078425G SC410 Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) 4 years $30,000 $120,000
085715F SC425 Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours)/Bachelor of Environmental Science 5 years $30,000 $150,000
0100794 SC404 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours) 4 years $30,000 $120,000
090700D SC411 Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) 4 years $30,000 $120,000
0100795 SC405 Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic) (Honours) 4 years $30,000 $120,000
088625F SC319 Bachelor of Environmental Management 3 years $28,400 $85,200
066283E SC316 Bachelor of Environmental Science 3 years $28,400 $85,200
085020D SC335 Bachelor of Health and Community Care Management 3 years $25,800 $77,400
088888E SC367 Bachelor of Health Science 3 years $25,800 $77,400
057534K AR372 Bachelor of Human Services 3 years $24,800 $74,400
048930F BU381 Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology 3 years $24,800 $74,400
074096G AR323 Bachelor of International Studies 3 years $24,800 $74,400
057535J AR343 Bachelor of Journalism [teach out] 3 years $24,400 $73,200
080426M AR390 Bachelor of Laws 4 years $24,800 $99,200
080427K AR391 Bachelor of Laws (Graduate entry) 3 years $24,800 $74,400
081022A AR392 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts 5 years $24,800 $124,000
081023M AB310 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business 5 years $24,800 $124,000
081024K AB311 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 5 years $24,800 $124,000
098467K AR316 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) 5 years $24,800 $124,000
098466M AR315 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Creative Industries (Creative Writing and Publishing) 5 years $24,800 $124,000
088619D AR396 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Criminology and Justice 5 years $24,800 $124,000
092874K AR397 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Environmental Management 5 years $26,800 $134,000
094767G SA308 Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science 5 years $26,800 $134,000
106002F AR318 Bachelor of Music 3 years $24,800 $74,400
078086M SC391 Bachelor of Nursing Science 3 years $29,400 $88,200
072637M SC392 Bachelor of Nursing Science (Graduate Entry) 2.3 years $29,400 $67,620
061658G SC354 Bachelor of Nutrition 3 years $25,400 $76,200
077418D SC440 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) 4 years $27,800 $111,200
073277M ED304 Bachelor of Primary Education 4 years $24,800 $99,200
069716E BU344 Bachelor of Property Economics and Development [teach out] 3 years $24,400 $73,200
109235J SC307 Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics 3 years $25,800 $77,400
090558E AR405 Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) 4 years $26,800 $107,200
094768G ED312 Bachelor of Recreation and Outdoor Environmental Studies 3 years $25,900 $77,700
066284D AR404 Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning (Honours) [teach out] 4 years $24,400 $97,600
022804D SC301 Bachelor of Science 3 years $28,400 $85,200
028850E SC401 Bachelor of Science (Honours) 1 year $28,400 $28,400
037991F AR361 Bachelor of Social Science [teach out] 3 years $24,400 $73,200
063008D AR374 Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) [teach out] 3 years $26,800 $80,400
063009C AR403 Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours)
[teach out]
1 year $26,800 $26,800
088621K AR364 Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)/Bachelor of Criminology and Justice [teach out] 4 years $25,800 $103,200
062654D AR362 Bachelor of Social Work 4 years $25,800 $103,200
088622J AR363 Bachelor of Social Work/
Bachelor of Criminology and Justice
5 years $25,800 $129,000
066289K SC344 Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science 3 years $28,200 $84,600
088626E SC347 Bachelor of Sports Studies 3 years $28,200 $84,600
095999F AR406 Bachelor of Urban Design and Town Planning (Honours) 4 years $24,400 $97,600

Supporting documentation/USC fees 2023

Your application form must be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • a copy of your entire official academic record, which should include your award certificate and transcripts for all previously completed studies.
  • If English is not your first language, please provide proof of your English skills. Please refer to the English language requirements of the university.
  • If your original documents were written in a language other than English, you must submit both a copy in the original language and an authoritative translation into English;
  • any other material, such as a resume, research proposal, or referees’ names, that was required in the application form.

The University audits supporting documents on a regular basis and retains the right to request original or certified copies of supporting documents at any time.


Entry requirements/USC fees 2023

On behalf of USC, QTAC evaluates domestic undergraduate applications. You must fulfill the admission requirements for your desired degree in order to be eligible to receive an offer from QTAC. You must:

  • have attained Year 12 or the equivalent, or be at least 17 years old.
  • pass the degree’s minimum English language requirements (if English is not your first language)
  • have finished any required coursework for your degree in that topic
  • be qualified with an ATAR or selection rank that meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for your degree


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Applying for an undergraduate program/USC fees 2023

  • Choose your program
  • Check entry requirement
  • Apply through QTAC

Through the application services offered by QTAC, you can examine or change your finished application. For clarification or to provide you with an update on your application, QTAC may get in touch with you.

You will receive an email after an offer round to let you know if you have received an offer and what to do next.

For more details, visit here


Contact details
+61 7 5430 2890

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