MacEwan University Application 2025-2026

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MacEwan University Application 2025-2026

MacEwan University Application 2025-2026;  MacEwan Apply


MacEwan Apply

The majority of Alberta’s post-secondary schools use the service ApplyAlberta to process online applications. All applicants to MacEwan University, including those from outside of Alberta and from abroad, must use the ApplyAlberta website. By enrolling at MacEwan University, you can join a learning environment that promotes citizenship, integrates theory and practice, and assists you in realizing your personal and professional goals.

You’ve come to the right site if you have inquiries regarding program alternatives, entrance requirements, or how to apply. The lists below offer a detailed explanation of the admissions procedure. Applying early is generally a smart idea. When you apply early, you’ll receive your admission decision sooner and have the time you need if there are issues, questions, or more procedures to finish your application. For one-on-one assistance at any time, get in touch with an academic advisor. MacEwan University Application 2025-2026

Before you apply to MacEwan University

Check program availability: Verify if applications are still being accepted for your program. Make sure you complete and submit your application before the deadline by checking the admission dates and deadlines.

Submit only one application per term: Your initial application will be withdrawn if you submit another one for the same term. Most applications let you pick a backup program within the same application. If you are found to be ineligible or put on a waitlist for your first-choice program, your second choice is considered.

Prepare to pay a non-refundable application fee: When you submit your application through ApplyAlberta, you must pay a non-refundable application fee. Every time an application for admission is submitted, the application fee must be paid. To complete the application process, you will be taken away from the ApplyAlberta website and transferred to a third-party payment processor. You have the option to use one of these payment options at this point.

MacEwan University Dates & Deadlines

Depending on when you wish to begin your studies, MacEwan University has different application deadlines for different programs (the intake term). New students are accepted into all programs at MacEwan University in the fall. In the winter, spring, or summer sessions, certain programs provide additional intakes.

Applications open

The following dates mark the start of the application process.
To increase your chances of admission, they advise you to submit your application as soon as possible when it opens.

  • Fall-October 1
  • Winter-February 1
  • Spring/Summer-May 1

Application deadlines

Depending on when you wish to begin your studies, MacEwan University has different application deadlines for different programs (the intake term). To find out when you can start (fall, winter, or spring/summer intake), as well as the last application deadline, check the admission dates and deadlines.
Your application money is not refunded if you apply after the deadline has passed.

Application deadlines for overseas applicants are May 1 for Fall intake, September 30 for Winter intake, and January 30 for Spring/Summer intake, unless an earlier deadline is specified. Before applying, international applicants who are thinking about Open Studies should speak with a MacEwan International advisor.

MacEwan University Admission Requirements

On each program’s webpage are listed the entry requirements.
You must pass these high school courses or their post-secondary equivalents with the corresponding minimum grades to be eligible for consideration for admission to the program.
Be aware of whether your program of choice is competitive; in that case, you might need to attain a higher admission average or meet additional admission requirements.

Additional admission criteria

Some programs also include program-specific entrance requirements, such as resumés, references, letters of intent, security checks, portfolios, or auditions, in addition to academic standards.
You will need to start your volunteer or paid work experience well in advance of applying to other programs because they have specific requirements.
You may need to demonstrate a particular level of English language competency or arrange to take a test.
On the program’s website, under entrance requirements, will be a list of any additional requirements for admission to your program of choice./MacEwan Apply

MacEwan University Application Process

The application process is based on your prior education and enrollment status:

New to Open Studies

You must apply through ApplyAlberta and pay the nonrefundable application fee before you may enroll in courses.
You enroll in courses through the university’s online registration system, myStudentSystem, once you’ve been accepted as an Open Studies student.
You will need to reapply if you miss an entire year of coursework.

Returning Open Studies Student

You do not need to reapply if you have just registered in Open Studies at MacEwan University because your file is still active.
To enroll in classes right away, simply use your current MacEwan University Network ID and password.
The tech support team can assist you if you’ve forgotten your ID or password.
Call or email the technical support team.

You will need to submit a new application to Open Studies through ApplyAlberta and pay the nonrefundable application fee if you haven’t taken any classes in the previous year./MacEwan Apply

Note: You will not be permitted to enroll in Open Studies again if you have previously earned a maximum of 24 credits.

Visiting from another post-secondary institution

You need to submit a letter of authorization from your home institution to enroll in a course at MacEwan University as a visiting student.
Before enrolling in classes, go over the application procedure to become a visiting student.

International Student

Before applying, international students contemplating Open Studies should visit a MacEwan International advisor.


  • International Open Studies students are not permitted to work outside of the campus.
  • Open Studies does not provide letters of admission, which will affect eligibility for study permits.

Contact details

Contact the Office of the University Registrar if you have inquiries about admissions, enrolment, student records, fees, financial aid, or general inquiries about studying at MacEwan.

Main Floor
Building 7, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Office of the University Registrar
MacEwan University
P.O. Box 1796
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2P2 Canada