University of Tasmania Tuition Fees 2025/2026

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University of Tasmania Tuition Fees 2025/2026

University of Tasmania Tuition Fees 2025/2026


university of Tasmania application fee

Are you interested in knowing the University of Tasmania application fee? The tuition costs given on this page are simply an estimate for the cost of the course and are stated in Australian dollars (AUD$), displayed as annual fees. Because fees are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), they will rise yearly. The total course tuition fees are made up of estimated annual fee rates, which could change and the amount of indexation to be applied to course fees is decided on an annual basis.

The annual tuition cost for the course and the total amount of coursework for the academic year are combined to determine fees for international students. The above-mentioned annual tuition rate assumes a study load of 100 credit points. Therefore, depending on whether your study load is greater than or less than 100 credit points, your tuition expenses in any given year may be higher or lower than this sum.

To calculate an approximate annual cost depending on your specific study plan, please refer to the credit points portion of each course description. You pay for the units you enrol in as part of your course each semester. On your course page, a list of available units and their costs is provided.

University of Tasmania Tuition Fees 2025/2026

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University of Tasmania Tuition Fees/university of Tasmania application fee

The government will cover a portion of your course costs if you enrol in a Commonwealth Supported Place course.
You might be eligible for a HELP loan and be able to postpone paying the remaining balance depending on your situation.

You must pay the complete cost if you are enrolled in a full fee-paying course.
However, you may be able to postpone this payment using a HELP loan depending on our circumstances.

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A Commonwealth Supported Place will save you money./university of Tasmania application fee

In a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), the government contributes to your tuition costs.
Since it is a subsidy rather than a loan, you are not responsible for repaying it.
You can find out if a course is CSP-eligible under the Fees and Scholarships section of each course page.

Your “student contribution amount” is the sum of the remaining amounts.
Although you must eventually pay this sum, you might be qualified for a government loan called a HELP loan to postpone payment.

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Master’s courses and student payments/university of Tasmania application fee

Please be aware that only a limited number of coursework master’s degrees have received Department of Social Services (DoSS) approval, preventing students from applying for Centrelink benefits including Youth Allowance and Austudy.
These are fully accredited, career-focused courses that are featured on the Department of Social Services website and are reviewed and updated by the Department once a year.

Student payments are not available for newly accredited courses that are provisionally accredited, often because completion of the course is required before full accreditation is awarded.
If you have any queries concerning your study option’s eligibility for student payments, please get in touch with them.

Commencing student contribution amounts

Band The principal subject matter (field of education classification) 2022
1 Agriculture, English, mathematics, education, clinical psychology, Indigenous and foreign languages, nursing, statistics $3,985 $4,124
2 Other health, allied health, built environment, computing, engineering, surveying, science, environmental studies, pathology, visual and performing arts, **professional pathway psychology, **professional pathway social work $8,021 $8,301
3 Medicine, dental, veterinary science $11,401 $11,800
4 Law, accounting, administration, economics, commerce, communications, society, and culture $14,630 $15,142

General Entry Requirements- Domestic Students

They take a variety of educational backgrounds into account while evaluating applications. These are covered by the general entry criteria (GER). They advise you to apply for the courses you desire to take the most.
Their admissions team will work with you to identify the best pathway option if you are currently ineligible to enrol in the course of your choice. You meet the GER if:

  • Recent Senior Secondary Education (completed in the past 2 years)
  • International Baccalaureate

Learn how to apply for undergraduate bachelor’s, double degrees, and pre-degree courses.

Step 1: Find a course

  • Up to five courses may be applied for at once. There is no fee to apply to the University of Tasmania as a domestic student, in contrast to other states.

Step 2: Keep your options open

  • After deciding on the course you want to take the most, keep in mind that applying to other degrees will improve your chances of getting accepted.

Step 3: Check the dates

  • It’s critical to review the important admission dates before submitting your application. These will provide information on the start of semesters, application deadlines, and more.

Step 4: Make sure you meet the entry requirements

  • You must meet certain requirements to be eligible for entrance into any courses. For more information, see the tab titled “Entry Requirements” on your course page.
  • Additionally, you must be at least 17 years old and have completed Australian Year 12 (or an equivalent) if you are applying based on prior academic or professional experience.

Step 5: Apply for a scholarship

  • Academic talent is not a requirement to acquire funding for your studies. They encourage everyone to apply because they have one of Australia’s broadest selections of scholarships.

Step 6: Determine whether you qualify for credit for earlier learning./ utas 2025/2026

  • Your prior coursework or employment experience can be accepted as course credit. You may be able to graduate sooner as a result of not having to finish all of the units specified in your course structure.
  • Make sure to review the application requirements and deadlines if you want to receive credit for prior learning (advanced standing).

Step 7: Accept your offer

  • After reviewing your application, they will let you know if you’ve been approved or not. Simply follow the directions in the offer letter to reserve your spot at the university if you are accepted.
  • If you don’t get an offer, you can get information from the Information Center about other choices for furthering your education.


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Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm